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Overcome gaming addiction with hypnosis

Are you psychologically addicted to gaming? Do you use computer and/or video games compulsively to the extent that you have started to neglect other aspects of your life? Gaming addicts typically become isolated as the world of gaming increasingly becomes the real world for them.

Maybe you’ve stopped or limited exercising, socializing or doing important work because of obsessive gaming. Perhaps you focus just on the game instead of real life or use the game as an escape from dealing with life. The trouble is the more addicted you are to gaming, the less able you become to deal with real life. Gaming addiction may be stealing your life away and preventing you finding genuine and longer lasting satisfactions.

Gaming addiction works like any other addiction

Any addiction whether to gaming or anything else will work in the same way. Firstly you become:

  • Tolerant – this means you have to play more and more of the game to get the same satisfaction. You need ever great ‘fixes’ of the game to get the same buzz.
  • Secondly you get withdrawal when you don’t play it. This might include irritability, agitation and obsessive thoughts about the game. Playing the game again temporarily stops gaming addiction withdrawal
  • Thirdly preoccupation. You spend your time wondering what’s happening in the game or fantasizing about playing it again.
  • You find that ‘time disappears‘ when you are gaming and you always spend much longer than you had intended to. It’s as if you had fooled yourself into half-believing you’d only be gaming for a short while and ‘all of a sudden’ you’ve lost hours. Any addiction will always trance you out which is why you lose track of time.
  • Addictions always cause you to neglect other healthier parts of you life (even smoking causes people to neglect their body’s needs).

Maybe you have tried to cut your gaming down or even stop but have found yourself sucked into it again.

Overcoming gaming addiction is vital if you want to live a truly fulfilling life instead of having your time, vitality and potential stolen by a game. Imagine being free from gaming addiction to live life to the full in real and meaningful ways.

Download Overcome Gaming Addiction now and regain control over your life.


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Overcome Gaming Addiction
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Overcome Gaming Addiction
Addicted to gaming? Use games compulsively you neglect other aspects of your life? Overcome gaming addiction with hypnosis.
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Overcome Gaming Addiction

Addicted to gaming? Use games compulsively you neglect other aspects of your life? Overcome gaming addiction with hypnosis.

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