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How to Stop Obsessive Checking

Let hypnosis ease away your need to check, check and check again

Depending on its severity, obsessive checking can be a form of obsessive compulsive disorder or OCD.

Unrealistic levels of anxiety become attached to checking locks, the gas stove or even the positions of things until checking takes over your life entirely.

The more you check the less you remember

It’s ironic that research finds that the more you check something the less clear your memory becomes over whether you did what you were supposed to do or not!

So the more you check, the less certain you become, so the more you check. A vicious circle if ever there was one! (1)

You check as an attempt to assuage anxiety. It is the fear of not checking and all the possible imagined consequences that not checking might produce that drive you to check and check and check.

A natural tendency gone awry

We all forget whether we’ve done something sometimes, and need to go back and check. But if you find yourself obsessively checking many times on a fruitless search for the comfort of certainty then something needs to change.

Obsessive checking is stealing your precious time and energy. It may even be taking over your life.

We all have basic needs to feel safe and secure and avoid too much anxiety. However anxiety can become attached to anything even when it serves us no interest to be so anxious.

The very attempt to assuage anxiety, the obsessive checking, actually causes the problem just as alcohol may be an attempt to reduce bad feelings but its over use creates a problem in itself.

Obsessive-compulsive trance states

Something else happens when you check obsessively. You go into a kind of trance state. People say they may check over and over for hours but they don’t notice those hours passing, they forget about everything except the checking.

  • Imagine being able to wake up from the wrong type of trance state and getting your life back again
  • Imagine quickly learning to trust your own perception and moving on to the next thing
  • Imagine living rather than just existing to be a slave to a neurotic impulse. What could you be doing instead?

The Stop Compulsive Checking hypnosis session will help you to switch off the ‘need to check button’ much sooner in the checking cycle in a way that leaves you feeling more relaxed and calm.

Download Stop Compulsive Checking now and begin reclaiming your life. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

1 Diminished confidence in prospective memory causes doubts and urges to check


Stop Obsessive Checking

How to Stop Obsessive Checking. Let this self-hypnosis audio ease away your need to check, check and check again.

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