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Cancer – Stay Positive

Attitude is important. Your attitude to anything in life is tied to your expectation. And your expectations have a lot to do with what you experience. This doesn’t mean that always being positive means we always experience positive things but a positive attitude or expectation will always influence what we actually experience.

When you strongly expect to experience something a particular way then your unconscious mind will do all it can to realise this expectation.

How many people talk of awaking from a deep sleep in the morning a minute before their alarms clocks went off purely because their unconscious mind had an unconscious expectation to awaken at a certain time?

A physician’s expectations often translate to the experience of their patients. All the time people are given placebos believing them to be bio-active or psycho-active medications. The expectations of the body and the mind then turn inert sugar pills into palliatives or even cures! A placebo isn’t a fake it is a very powerful method of harnessing the huge natural qualities of natural expectation within people.

Wise use of expectation

When you strongly hope for or, even better, expect things to improve then this expectation will work on every level of your being. It is not to say that your expectations should lay you open to disappointment because you can be subtle with your expectations. This means that you can expect that your body will do it’s best for you whatever the outcome. This attitudinal approach prevents unrealistic thinking.

However bear in mind that all seemingly miraculous occurrences have seemed, at some point and to some people, unrealistic.

Hypnosis is unparalelled at laying down powerful positive expectation at an unconscious level.

Creating a sense of positive expectancy is best done by hypnotically imagining things going well in future. This is like applying a powerful placebo to yourself and the beauty is it doesn’t matter that you know exactly how it’s working!

What about false hope?

False hope is not the same as inner faith and powerful positive expectancy and would only happen if a person had not been properly informed as to probable outcomes. But please remember that all that is probable and all that is possible are two different things and the possible is a boundary that is continually being stretched.

There are certain things we know for sure. Firstly strongly remembering wellness can encourage the body to feel more well. This is because your body and instincts are closely aligned to your memory and imagination. If I recall being embarrassed my instincts and body can re-align to that time and I may even blush again.

We also know that deep rest and relaxation are great boons for physical and mental health and well being. So, even without the benefits of the constructive use of the imagination and unconscious positive expectancy, merely relaxing regularly will boost your levels of comfort and immune function.

Everyone gets down sometimes but by staying generally positive you’ll give yourself the best of all possible chances and improve your experience of the current moment. Download Cancer – Stay Positive now.

Note: If you purchase this cancer download, all proceeds will be donated to our charity. However, if you are suffering from cancer and cannot afford to buy the download, please contact us for a free copy.


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Cancer - Stay Positive
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Cancer - Stay Positive
Cancer - Stay Positive. A positive attitude or expectation will always influence what we actually experience.
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Cancer – Stay Positive

Cancer - Stay Positive. A positive attitude or expectation will always influence what we actually experience.

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