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Seniors – Overcome Fear of Falling

How to use hypnosis to rebuild your confidence in getting about

Is fear of falling keeping you from getting out and about as much as you’d like?

Do you find yourself avoiding certain activities or locations because you’re worried about not being steady on your feet?

It’s an inconvenient fact that as we get older our bodies tend to become less supple and strong, and our reactions slower.

We might be perfectly healthy, and yet find that those limbs and muscles we’ve taken for granted for so many years just don’t seem to be as reliable as they used to be.

And if you’ve actually had a fall or two, it can so rattle your confidence that you’d rather just stay home.

At least there you’re safe.

Dealing with fear of falling by staying home is no fun

The trouble is, staying safe by not going out is a seriously limiting way to live. There are places you’d like to go, people you’d like to see.

Your doctor has pronounced you fit. You may even have had physiotherapy to help you get back on your feet after breaking a hip, or falling downstairs.

But somehow, when you think about going out, whether to a friend’s house or to a mall or somewhere else, trepidation takes over.

No matter how much you tell yourself you’ll be fine, you don’t feel as if you’ll be fine. Your fear of falling overrules your rational understanding that, if you take the proper precautions, you will be fine.

So how can you calm down this fear so that it stops (excuse the pun) tripping you up?

Hypnosis can quickly calm your fears and restore confidence

Overcome Fear of Falling – For Seniors is an audio hypnosis session developed by psychologists that will restore your confidence in your ability to navigate the world safely while taking appropriate care.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to your download, you’ll notice that you:

  • relax more quickly and more deeply each time you listen
  • experience a general lessening of tension in your life
  • no longer feel gripped by memories of feeling unsteady or anxious
  • reconnect deeply with inner resources you’ve gathered over a life time
  • focus on what it will be like to feel capable, strong and self-reliant again
  • begin to move about in the world with renewed confidence and a deeper sense of balance and stability.

Download Overcome Fear of Falling – For Seniors and allow yourself to make your way in the World once more. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.


Fear of Falling – for Seniors

Seniors - Overcome Fear of Falling

Note: Download only available in English language.