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Overcome fear of growing old alone

Change your future – for the better

Are you worried about being by yourself and growing old alone?

Are anxieties and fears making it hard to plan your future with confidence and optimism?

Even the most independent-minded of us are still affected by the social norms that surround us. Modern western culture regularly (force)feeds us the notion that a single permanent intimate relationship (like marriage) is the ‘ideal’ arrangement for everybody. The movies we watch, the ads we see, the magazines we read, all press us towards finding and keeping the ‘one and only’ if we want to ensure our permanent happiness.

But this is crazy.

Marriage – not the only solution to growing old alone

Marriage is a perfectly good thing, of course. But it is neither ‘for everybody’ nor, in itself, any guarantee of never being alone.

A good strong marriage or relationship might indeed help you avoid the perils of divorce and separation, but it’s no protection against illness and death, for instance. Nobody lives for ever, and in the natural order of things one member of a partnership will likely die before the other.

So realistically, whatever our relationship status at any point, we are all likely at some stage in our lives to find ourselves ‘on our own’. And if we have bought into the fixed idea that happiness and stability can only come from being in a relationship, we are likely to find the thought of being alone very scary, something that we try anxiously – and even desperately – to avoid.

This way of thinking is a straitjacket, and it’s time to throw it off!

Your future hasn’t been written yet

In truth, the future is a wide open book where you don’t know what you’ll find when you turn the page. Nothing is inevitable about your future. Anything can – and does – happen. You can have a socially rich, enjoyable, fulfilling future and look forward to all kinds of as yet unimagined experiences and discoveries.

Ready for that?

Hypnosis can help you escape from limiting beliefs about your future

Growing old alone is an audio hypnosis session that will help you free yourself from that old social and cultural straitjacket so you can look forward to your future and all it brings with confidence.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to your download, you’ll find that you

  • become less tense and anxious and more relaxed in general
  • start to take purposeful charge of your life
  • actively build and strengthen your social connections
  • engage in more rewarding activities
  • no longer worry about how you’ll ‘end up’
  • really enjoy living your life now and connecting with others

Download Growing old alone and look forward to your future.


Growing Old Alone

Overcome fear of growing old alone

Note: Download only available in English language.