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Do you worry about needing to be near a bathroom a lot?

The fear of being ‘caught short’ when no bathroom is near is more common than you might imagine. The fact is that people don’t like to talk about it, but many people experience anxiety around knowing a toilet is nearby.

For some people the prospect of going out and not knowing whether you’ll be able to get to a toilet is terrifying, and so needs to be treated as a strong fear, or phobia.

Anxiety makes the urge to go worse

There’s a nasty catch-22 involved with bathroom anxiety as anxiety worsens the condition as the physical state of anxiety is directly linked to the need to go to the toilet. And so a vicious circle develops as the anxiety makes you want to go the toilet even more.

Toilet phobia includes a fear of being unable to urinate and defecate, not being near a toilet when outdoors and a fear of using public toilets. This toilet phobia may include not feeling able to use public toilets or being terrified that you won’t make it in time and be humiliated when out of ‘safe’ surroundings – such as the home.

Perhaps you feel that you can only use certain toilets that you have used before or get anxious if you are not certain a public toilet will be around when you need it.

Toilet phobias and anxieties may have arisen after a particularly bad experience perhaps when you were (or thoughts you were going to be) caught short whilst out some place.

Imagine what it will be like when you no longer have to think about where the nearest bathroom is. How much energy will that free up for you? How much more will you enjoy life? Download Overcoming Bathroom Anxiety now and start getting your life back.


Overcome Bathroom Anxiety

Do you worry about needing to be near a bathroom a lot?

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