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10-Step Courses

Sometimes, a single download just isn’t enough. You’ve decided that now is the time to make a change, and you want to comprehensively make that change.

Be guided by the in-depth workbook, 10 hypnosis sessions and progress measurement tool.

10-step coursesThese 10-step courses are the self-help equivalent of a series of hypnotherapy sessions, covering every related area to the main issue to ensure that change is complete, and fully integrated across all areas of your life.

Each course contains a PDF workbook, with a chapter dedicated to each hypnosis session and how to get the most from it. Each chapter also has a progress indicator chart for you to measure your progress, supporting resources and new perspectives on the topic covered by the download.

Taking one of our 10-step self-hypnosis courses is a serious commitment, but one which will make a serious difference in your life.