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Help kids handle insults

A hypnotic story to help a child learn to deal with insults and teasing

Is your child struggling to handle insults or taunting from other kids?

Is constant teasing or name calling making them anxious and upset?

Children have teased and joked with each other since time immemorial. Having a laugh and calling each other names is all part of the rough and tumble of childhood, a normal part of how children learn to socialize and get on with each other, and to be assertive and confident. But there is no doubt that sometimes it can go too far, be a lot more than ‘occasional’, and become more than a child can cope with.

When a child can’t handle insults, life gets hard

A child being overwhelmed by teasing may become anxious, tearful and withdrawn. They may try to avoid the troublesome situation by refusing to go to school, or saying they don’t feel well. Their confidence may dwindle and they can start to feel bad about themselves. They can find it hard to concentrate and their school work can suffer, which brings further problems in its wake.

These can be worrying times for a child. And for their parents or care givers. It’s not always easy to determine exactly what is going on, as kids can find it hard to say what is really the matter. They don’t have the ‘concepts’ that adults use to deal with insults and rationalize what is happening. It’s hard to know know whether to tell them to ‘take it on the chin’ or to demand that the school authorities step in.

Effective support for self-esteem

Interestingly, telling a child that they’re ‘wonderful’ or ‘the best kid in the world’ is not as helpful as people think. This is because this approach focuses on the wrong thing. Insults have nothing to do with the actual qualities of the target. It’s not about real differences. It’s a power game, a way of ‘getting the upper hand’ over somebody. It’s more helpful to reassure a child that you love them no matter what, and that they certainly can learn to cope with such ‘games’.

But how can you give them a helping hand?

A hypnotic story can help a child learn to handle insults with ease

Handling insults for kids is an audio download created especially for young children. Children love stories and identify closely with the characters in their stories, and this download contains a powerful story that is not only reassuring but actually practically helpful. The listening child will unconsciously pick up and absorb three essential tools for managing troublesome teasers. (Useful tools for adults too…)

Download Handling insults for kids and help your children face the future with confidence.


* Please note that all downloads for children must be purchased by someone over 18. The content must be assessed by the child’s parent or guardian as suitable before it is listened to by the child. More info for parents/guardians.


Handling Insults for Kids

Help kids handle insults

Note: Download only available in English language.