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Help Your Child Conquer Selective Mutism

Let this entertaining hypnotic story help your child build the resources to overcome their anxiety and speak more freely

Does your child have selective mutism?

Are you looking for a safe, simple way to reduce their anxiety around social speaking?

If you’re reading this, you probably already know that selective mutism is a childhood disorder characterized by an inability to speak or communicate effectively in particular social settings. Your child may have a perfect grasp of language and communicate well at home, yet be unable to raise even a whisper at school or birthday parties.

Selective mutism is primarily an anxiety disorder, with over 90% of children with selective mutism also having social phobia or social anxiety. Children with selective mutism are genuinely fearful of speaking in certain social situations, and this can be compounded by a sense of expectation that they should participate.

Why do children develop selective mutism?

Most children with selective mutism have, to some extent, inherited a predisposition to anxiety, and may demonstrate signs of generalized anxiety, such as moodiness, inflexibility, sleep problems, and extreme shyness. Research suggests that children with selective mutism often have differences in a part of the brain called the amygdala that mean their ‘fight or flight’ response is triggered more easily, even in situations that most people would not find scary at all.

Other factors can also contribute to anxiety around speaking or communicating. Some children with selective mutism have a sensory processing disorder (DSI), which means that they may experience and respond to sounds, lights, touch, taste, and smells differently to the rest of us. Others may have speech/language abnormalities or delays or learning disabilities, or struggle with speaking English as a second language.

Getting help for selective mutism

Selective mutism is not only painful and debilitating for the child in the short term, it can also have negative impacts on their development in the longer term. Left untreated, selective mutism can lead to worsening anxiety, depression, social isolation, poor self-esteem, poor academic and workplace performance, substance abuse, and suicidal thoughts, among other negative outcomes.

According to The Selective Mutism Center, the earlier a child is treated for selective mutism, the more quickly they are likely to respond to treatment, and the better the overall prognosis. Conversely, the longer they remain mute, the more ingrained the habit becomes. So it goes without saying that the sooner you can get effective treatment for your child, the better.

Ideally, you should seek out a paediatrician or psychiatrist who has experience with selective mutism. Your family doctor may be able to recommend someone. But there are also things you can do at home. First and foremost, don’t pressure your child to speak when they are not comfortable. Let them know you understand they are scared, and reassure them that you are there to help and support them. And of course, try out this hypnosis session!

How hypnosis can help

Selective Mutism for Kids is an audio hypnosis session that will help your child gradually overcome the anxiety behind their selective mutism.

As you repeatedly play this session for your child, you’ll notice that they:

  • Speak more frequently or loudly in social situations
  • Interact more easily with other kids and adults
  • Develop healthier eating and sleeping habits
  • Are more engaged and perform better in academic settings
  • Become more confident in all facets of life.

Download Selective Mutism for Kids now and help your child enjoy, learn, and grow in all sorts of social situations. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.


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Selective Mutism for Kids
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Selective Mutism for Kids
Selective Mutism for kids. Let this entertaining hypnotic story help your child build the resources to overcome anxiety and speak more freely.
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Selective Mutism for Kids

Selective Mutism for kids. Let this entertaining hypnotic story help your child build the resources to overcome anxiety and speak more freely.

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