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A Story to Improve Self Esteem for Kids

Gently rebuild kids’ self esteem through this relaxing and entertaining hypnotic story

How can you teach children to believe in themselves?

How do you help them get in touch with their inner strengths?

These questions are integral to helping a child with low self esteem, as self belief and inner strength are two of the most powerful tools in fighting this issue.

If something happens to knock a child’s confidence, it can be difficult for them to recover from.

They may start to withdraw from the things that usually make them happy, like playing with friends, and it can become difficult to encourage them as they fight to protect their own emotions.

Stories are a parent’s best friend

It can be difficult to find resources geared towards helping children help themselves. And of course a child may not know what they’re feeling, nevermind that they could seek help.

Enter stories. These whimsical snippets of adventure are a great way to get messages across to a child, hidden amongst metaphor and calm language.

And that’s exactly what we’ve done for children with low self esteem.

Story-based hypnosis to rebuild self esteem for kids

Self Esteem For Kids is a relaxing bedtime audio that uses the medium of storytelling to provide reassurance for children, allowing them to find their inner strength.

As they listen repeatedly to this story, they’ll begin to:

  • Sleep deeply and restfully
  • Have happy dreams
  • Feel a sense of safety and comfort
  • Believe in themselves

Download Self Esteem For Kids and watch kids become more confident, happy, and at one with themselves. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.


* Please note that all downloads for children must be purchased by someone over 18. The content must be assessed by the child’s parent or guardian as suitable before it is listened to by the child. More info for parents/guardians.


Self Esteem For Kids

A Story to Improve Self Esteem for Kids

Note: Download only available in English language.