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Stop Compulsive Lying in Your Everyday Life

Develop the inner resources to overcome your need to make up or enhance stories

Do you find yourself telling lies but not knowing why?

Do you ever make up stories to seem more interesting?

There are many reasons why people become compulsive liars. Maybe you started making up stories to impress others or to help yourself feel more interesting. Perhaps you were doing it to feel safe, to keep your real self protected behind a wall of falsehoods. Or maybe you enjoyed lying because it made you feel powerful to deceive others and get away with it.

You may not even know why you started lying. It might feel like something that’s always just happened, without any thinking or planning on your part. You open your mouth to speak, and out come the stories! At this point, it probably feels like a habit as much as anything else.

No matter why you do it, compulsive lying makes life more difficult – not just for those on the receiving end, but for you as well. It puts you under stress as you try to keep track of all your lies. And it can do untold damage to your relationships as people realize you’re not being straight with them. It can also create a sense of guilt because you know lying is wrong.

So why can’t you just stop?

Why it’s called compulsive lying

Not every case of compulsive lying is the same. Just as lying can occur for a variety of reasons, the lies themselves can take many forms. But no matter what or whom you lie about – your accomplishments, your spouse or kids, your background – there’s a common thread.

At the root of all of these stories is something beyond the lie itself. When you compulsively lie, it’s not because you want to tell a particular made-up story. Not really. It’s because you genuinely can’t help yourself.

It’s similar to what happens to people with out-of-control gambling problems or those who constantly eat. Compulsive lying is a behavioral pattern that repeats again and again. Early on it may give you a kind of rush or high, but as time goes on, the emotional rewards get weaker and weaker.

In order to break this pattern, you need to change your mindset.

How hypnosis can help

Stop Compulsive Lying is an audio hypnosis session that will help you develop a healthier mindset, and alter your behavior accordingly.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to your session, you’ll notice that you:

  • Find it easier to tell the truth
  • Enjoy being natural and genuine with others
  • Feel happier with your true self
  • Discover what a relief it is to just be honest.

Download Stop Compulsive Lying now and begin your journey toward a more authentic life filled with genuine relationships. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.


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Stop Compulsive Lying
Stop Compulsive Lying in Your Everyday Life with self-hypnosis. Overcome your need to make up or enhance stories.
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Compulsive Lying

Stop Compulsive Lying in Your Everyday Life with self-hypnosis. Overcome your need to make up or enhance stories.

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