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Be comfortable standing up for yourself without becoming rude or angry.

“If you are not for yourself then who can be?”

Do you sometimes feel that people walk all over you, take advantage and treat you as if you don’t have a point of view?

Do you end up seething inside and feeling aggrieved but have to pretend everything is ‘OK really’?

Are you being honest?

Standing up for yourself is a form of honesty. You are letting people know how you feel, or what you think.

And if people are treating you badly then telling them so in no uncertain terms can help them examine their own behavior and hopefully become more thoughtful when dealing with others.

Trying to keep the peace and preserve other people’s egos isn’t always the best way of encouraging them to become more decent human beings.

Standing up for yourself means putting your ideas forward, being relaxed and confident ‘stating your case’ and being prepared to ‘fight your corner’ if necessary.

Feeling comfortable to stand up for yourself

It’s all very well saying “you should stand up for yourself”, but it takes confidence. And maybe you never learned how to or were always put down and told your ideas didn’t count for much.

Or perhaps you learnt that ‘nice’ people don’t argue or it’s always selfish to want things for yourself.

Many people who experience problems standing up for themselves hate confrontation and tend to panic if they feel any one feels unhappy. They want to keep the peace – at almost any cost.

But the problem with feeling you need to be a ‘people pleaser’ is that it’s not actually possible to please everybody all the time and you end up hardly ever pleasing yourself.

Other peoples’ feelings are not always top priority

The fact is that sometimes in life whether you upset someone or not has to take a back seat to what you’re actually trying to do.

Imagine if a pilot didn’t tell the co-pilot that they were flying dangerously during a flight through fear of upsetting them!

This is an extreme example (which has actually happened) but makes the point that other people’s egos need to take a back seat sometimes when we are focused on getting things right on projects and so forth.

If people push you around being nice to them won’t get them to like or respect you.

You can’t turn a lion into a vegetarian by throwing veggie-burgers at it!

But people should know what I’m feeling!

Or maybe you have been falling into the ‘mind reading’ trap. You don’t stand up for yourself because you feel that people shouldn’t need to be told to treat you with respect – they must know how you feel. Right?

But why? The truth is if you don’t say anything when something is wrong, 99% of people will just assume that’s alright with you. People need to be told; don’t expect them to read your mind.

You can stand up for yourself without being rude

You can stand up for yourself when people try to take advantage and be a decent person.

In some ways you are a more decent person when you stand up for yourself because you are being more honest with people; more direct.

Hypnosis as an unconscious motivator

Hypnosis is the perfect way to feel stronger, more relaxed and confident in those times when you need to stand up for yourself because it helps you rehearse new emotional responses. And emotional response are what are causing you problems.

Remember standing up for yourself doesn’t mean becoming a tyrant or being aggressive. When you truly stand up for yourself you are clear calm and respectful but above all firm. You decide just what your position is on something and you stick to it.

When you feel more naturally able to stand up for yourself then your going to find that you have a greater sense of control over your own life. You’ll be less at the shim of how others just happen to decide to treat you.

The Stand Up for Yourself hypnosis session will encourage standing up for yourself to feel increasingly natural rather than a big deal.

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If a lack of assertiveness is keeping you awake at night, help is at hand. You can escape the anger, depression and anxiety it causes with the skills to stand up for yourself, comfortably and calmly.


Stand Up for Yourself

Be comfortable standing up for yourself without becoming rude or angry.

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