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Stop Oversharing – Now!

Improve your attention to context and put people at ease when you speak

Do you sometimes speak before thinking?

Does your openness about your personal life sometimes make others uncomfortable?

Everyone is a little bit different in their willingness to share details of their personal life, and the fact you’re reading this suggests that you’re more willing than most! Why do you think that is?

Perhaps you tend to get a bit nervous in social situations, and you share personal details in an effort to get people to like you, or even just to fill a silence. Maybe you feel like by sharing intimate information you can show people that they can trust you. Or are you hoping that by being very open about yourself, others will be more open with you?

Regardless of why you do it, there’s probably a part of you that realizes it’s not necessarily the most effective strategy. Every culture has certain implicit social rules that people are expected to follow as they get to know others, and when we breach those rules it can make people feel uneasy. Paradoxically, it is often the case that being too open with others will push them away rather than draw them closer.

It’s all about context

The fact that you’re willing to share so much of yourself with others is a valuable quality, but only in certain situations. Regardless of your own personal feelings or preferences, social convention dictates that it’s just not appropriate to share too much, too soon. And this is something you already know on some level, because you have a lifetime of social experience to draw on.

It’s a matter of reading the room, recognizing the context you’re in, and tailoring your communication style and content to that context. If you can rein in the oversharing when you’re just getting to know people, they will feel more at ease and you will start to find it easier to build comfortable, mutually respectful relationships. And with time, it will become appropriate to start to share more intimate details of your life – in the context of a close friendship.

How hypnosis can help

Stop Oversharing is an audio hypnosis session that will help you easily and naturally recognize social context in order to communicate in ways that put others at ease.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to your session, you’ll notice that you:

  • get better at slowing down and listening carefully.
  • are able to read the room and the context when you’re speaking.
  • naturally respect and abide by implicit social rules.
  • find that people are more comfortable and at ease around you.

Download Stop Oversharing now and enjoy better relationships with your friends and colleagues. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.


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Stop Oversharing
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Stop Oversharing
Stop Oversharing - Now! Use self-hypnosis audio to improve your attention to context and put people at ease when you speak.
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Stop Oversharing

Stop Oversharing - Now! Use self-hypnosis audio to improve your attention to context and put people at ease when you speak.

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