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How to Be Kinder to Others – And Yourself

Read about this hypnosis audio to help soften your sharp edges

Do you find the world a generally harsh and judgmental place?

Is it possible that you are sometimes a victim of your own tough stance?

Criticism, blame, intolerance, impatience, generalizing, ignorance and negativity are not the character traits of a kind, nurturing society, yet we all show these traits to some extent.

When you’re on the receiving end you know exactly how unfair and how unkind the judgments other people make about you can be. They just don’t know the full story, do they?

They jump to conclusions, they assume things, they generalize about you from some trivial detail. And they often go for the most negative interpretation possible.

It hurts.  And sometimes we treat ourselves just as harshly.

Jump to slow conclusions and be more kind to yourself and others.

But of course this is a two-way street. You too may be a bit prone to rush to judgment about others, to make harsh comments about people’s actions, or way of life, to react with anger and rejection when you really don’t know the full story.

And while you can’t make other people be nicer to you or to each other, you certainly can do something about how kind you are yourself.

Hypnosis can help you develop a true spirit of kindness

Be Kinder is an audio hypnosis session developed by psychologists that will help you tap into the deep well of kindness and compassion that is your true heritage as a human person.

As you relax and listen repeated to your download, you’ll notice a subtle yet powerful transformation taking place. You’ll find that

  • you develop a deeper awareness and appreciation of all that’s good in life
  • your relationship with yourself begins to soften and become gentler
  • you become more sensitive to the complex history that lies behind each person who crosses your path
  • you reach out more to others, respectfully and sensitively
  • you feel more at peace with yourself and the world

Download Be Kinder and nurture your own spirit. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.


Be Kinder

How to Be Kinder to Others - And Yourself

Note: Download only available in English language.