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Beat The Birthday Blues

How hypnosis can help you adjust your emotions around getting another year older

Looking forward to your birthday (not)?

Wish you could abolish birthdays?

Why do we celebrate birthdays anyway?

You can see why we might celebrate a birth, and that tradition is ancient and universal, but why celebrate the anniversary of the event, every year, year after year? In western societies it’s virtually obligatory – people think you’re a bit weird if you don’t treat your birthday as a special occasion.

Are birthdays only for children?

The origins of birthday celebration are lost in the mist of time and anyway make little difference to the issue at hand. We live in a culture where we expect and are expected to make much of our birthdays, and most of us do, without thinking about it very much.

As children, we mostly look forward eagerly to our birthdays, anticipating surprises and presents and parties. But things start to get complicated as we get older.

Growing up changes how we see birthdays

As time goes on, we start to accumulate different associations to the idea of reaching certain age milestones. There are the legal milestones, for instance – the age at which society permits you to drink, or drive, or vote, or marry.

There are developmental milestones, like puberty, less clearly tied to a specific birthday. We also gradually become aware that the more birthdays we’ve had, the fewer remain. We are getting older.

Personal experiences strongly influence birthday feelings

On top of these factors, there is the lived experience we have had of actual birthdays. We remember how we were treated. We remember if we were happy or sad. Birthdays which fell in times of grief can end up being associated almost exclusively with that loss.

And when we look at the totality our lives, with all the challenges and difficulties we face, we may sometimes wonder what there is to celebrate, exactly?

Your birthday – what it really means

But your birthday is not a calculator that you use to measure out your life and see how far you’ve got, or what you’ve got left. Your birthday is an opportunity to remember that being alive is a prerequisite for doing anything, feeling anything, celebrating anything.

Your life is the ultimate unsolicited ‘gift’. You didn’t ask for it. You didn’t earn it. Some gifts are hard to accept, and life too can be hard to accept sometimes!

So, whatever you feel about your birthday right now, and whatever is happening in your life, your birthday can be a powerful reminder that, in fact, each and every day is a ‘gift’ you haven’t asked for, and haven’t earned, but you have it in your hands to make what you will of it.

And what will you make of your birthday, when it comes? What would it be like to let go of the blues and really celebrate the wonder of being alive?

Using hypnosis to overcome the birthday blues

Overcome Birthday Blues is an audio hypnosis session that will take you into a different realm of being to discover the real truths and treasures of celebrating a birthday.

This gentle, permissive hypnosis audio accesses the unconscious levels of your mind to allow you to create new understandings and new associations that will transform your feelings about having another birthday – and get you really looking forward to marking the occasion in the way that’s right for you.

Download Overcome Birthday Blues and discover what you really have to celebrate. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.


Birthday Blues

Beat The Birthday Blues

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