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Same Life, Different Story – see your life through new eyes!

A change of perspective can completely transform how you feel about yourself

Does your life seem nothing but a sorry saga of failure and inadequacy?

Do you sometimes wish your life told a different story?

Have you ever come across that famous quote “We see the world not as it is, but as we are”? Nobody seems sure who first said it, but knowing who the author was is not nearly as important as understanding what a profound truth is contained in these words.

We don’t see things objectively. We see them through the prism of our moods and our self understanding.

We humans are a suggestible bunch. If other people and circumstances load us with negative experiences and feedback, we all too readily internalize the negativity and apply it blanket-fashion to our world and ourselves. We can then get thoroughly depressed about how bad our life is and how hopeless we are at dealing with it.

But how do you get out of this trap?

Answer: Tell yourself a different story.

Hypnosis can help you acquire a new perspective

Same Life, Different Story is an audio hypnosis session containing a remarkable true story.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to this real life account, you will effortlessly absorb and embed in your unconscious mind a set of constructive ‘perspective changers’.

Almost imperceptibly, you’ll find yourself taking a more constructive slant on what ‘negative’ events in your life really mean about you and what you are capable of. A new optimism and determination will steadily take root and grow within you.

Download Same Life, Different Story and see how your life can change.

Same Life, Different Story is part of the Life Enhancers series.


Same Life, Different Story

Same Life, Different Story - see your life through new eyes!

Note: Download only available in English language.