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Supercharge Your Senses – Supercharged Taste Buds

Hypnotically train your brain to pick up the subtlest flavors

Would supercharged taste transform your experience of eating and drinking?

Could you expand your appreciation of the flavor and savor of what you put in your mouth?

Nature and evolution have gifted us some wonderful sensory equipment. It’s easy to see the evolutionary value of enjoying the taste of food. Creatures that like what they’re eating are going to do better, in the very long run, than those that are indifferent. But from our perspective there is so much more to food and drink than just survival value. They are the source of some of the greatest sensory pleasures that we can experience.

But you’d hardly know it from the way we go on!

Why don’t we notice how things taste?

We so rarely give ourselves enough time to engage with our meals. Eating and drinking get pushed to the bottom of the agenda. We have to eat to live, of course, but so often we rush to ‘get it over with’ because we have some other urgent thing to do. So even if what we are eating is succulent and flavorsome and aromatic and altogether delicious, we are in great danger of not even noticing.

However, when you wake up your senses again, and start to pay more attention to what you see and smell and taste, you can recover your birthright of gustatory marvels.

Here’s how.

Hypnosis can help transform your taste experience

Supercharged taste is an audio hypnosis session developed by psychologists that uses the power of hypnosis to help you dramatically sharpen and amplify your sense of taste.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to your download, you’ll be reprogramming your brain to reactivate your natural capacity to be 100% aware of the qualities of what you eat and drink. You’ll notice that

  • you notice and react much more strongly to smell and taste
  • you are able to distinguish and relish subtle variations in aroma, spiciness, sweetness, savor and complexity
  • you become aware of qualities in your food and drink that you had not noticed before
  • mealtimes become much more enjoyable (and worth protecting!)

Download Supercharged taste and give your taste buds something to live for.


Supercharged Taste

Supercharge Your Senses - Supercharged Taste Buds

Note: Download only available in English language.