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To release the power of yes – say yes!

Saying yes to life’s opportunities is what opens up your life. And that makes you more interested – and more interesting. You don’t have a crystal ball to tell you what’s around the next corner, or what all the consequences will be of any choice you make. So saying yes means taking a chance. But the more yeses you can say, the greater the likelihood that the resulting experiences will bring you positive benefits.

The search for certainty inhibits the power to say yes

When you consider that nobody has, has ever had, or ever will have one of those crystal balls, it’s surprising that we are not more comfortable with living with the general unpredictability of events. From the way so many of us hang back from the opportunities that come our way, you would think that there really was a way to be certain that things would always turn out well. And we only say yes when we’re certain.

Certainty is no guarantee

But, of course, even when you are absolutely certain that a particular course is going to have good results, history is littered with examples of such certain choices going wrong too. So, even though it’s natural for us to seek certainty, finding it still doesn’t guarantee the outcome. What this means is that we really need to pay attention to why we don’t say yes more often, and check that it is not just a hopeless quest for certainty.

Other factors that keep you from saying yes

We can be holding back on saying yes for other reasons, of course. It is not usually the practical issues involved in any choice which hold us back and limit our lives. Apart from the illusory certainty, we can also be influenced by other factors, such as our ideas about our identity, or self-worth, or capabilities. If you notice yourself thinking ‘I am not the sort of person who€¦’ it may be time to stop and ask ‘Why ever not?’

What will you discover when you say yes more often?

As soon as you ask yourself questions like that, you step out of your comfort zone. There may be adventures out there, but it sure is a bit scary! What if your saying yes revealed that you are the sort of person who€¦? Would you have to go and do it (whatever it is)? What will people think? Isn’t there an easier way to cross this barrier?

Saying yes brings more freedom

Fortunately, saying yes to more things in life (providing they are not illegal or immoral) doesn’t mean that you have to go through with any of them. Being ready to say yes means that you actually have more choice. It means that instead of locking up energy in keeping barriers between you and new challenges and experiences, you release that energy so you can engage with enthusiasm and power in what life offers you.

How hypnosis can help you release the power of yes

And there is a way to make crossing the barrier to yes easier. For centuries, we’ve known that mental preparation makes all tasks easier to accomplish. And there is no better form of mental preparation than hypnosis.

The power of yes is an audio hypnosis session which is akin to an athlete’s coaching program. It works on the mind. Using powerful hypnotic techniques, it will help you develop the attitude of someone who really knows how to make the most of life.

Listening to The power of yes, you will learn how to enter a highly focused, yet deeply relaxed, learning state. Your mind will feel clear and calm. You will discover how to use your own imagination as a powerful tool to really transform your life. You will learn how to ignite and sustain your motivation and get going. And you will remember what you learn.

Download The power of yes and start opening up your life.


The Power of Yes

To release the power of yes - say yes!

Note: Download only available in English language.