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Overcome Fear of Vomiting – Emetophobia

How hypnosis can help update your unconscious responses to someone (or you) being sick

Fear of vomiting (also known as emetophobia) often interferes with the sufferer’s life because the typical reaction is to avoid doing things that has even the slightest chance of making you sick, including other sick people.

People we have worked with tell us it feels like they have to build their whole life around avoiding situations that might make cause vomiting, like eating out or journeys by boat, bus, plane or even car.

We have even treated women who want children but have avoided becoming pregnant because of the fear of morning sickness!

Fear of vomiting or emetophobia takes two forms either fears of being sick your self and/or fear of other people being sick – often the two fears coincide.

This session focuses on calming your emotions around the idea of you vomiting.

Causes of emetophobia

Fear of vomiting is surprisingly common and usually starts because an incident of vomiting (either your own or someone else) was associated with an extreme fear reaction and henceforth the two (extreme fear and vomiting) become associated in the mind.

Of course no one enjoys vomiting but on the rare occasions it happens it doesn’t need to be accompanied by a huge fear response as well! Then you have two problems instead of one!

Once the association between fear and vomiting is hypnotically changed you will be able to start to relax with the idea of being sick. Then you can start leading your life in a normal and satisfying way again!

How hypnosis can help

The wonderful thing about hypnosis is that it creates deep relaxation. And that feels wonderful. In this relaxed, detached state of mind you can update your unconscious responses to things that use to make you fearful.

This gentle, permissive hypnotherapy session will teach your unconscious mind that although being sick is unpleasant, it is not something that needs to be feared.

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Fear of Vomiting

Overcome Fear of Vomiting - Emetophobia

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