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How to Overcome Fear of Clowns

Why hypnosis can help you feel calm and indifferent around clowns

Does a fear of clowns prevent you enjoying life as fully as you might?

Would you like to just feel neutral and indifferent about clowns and anything related to them?

Clown phobia is surprisingly common. Most people assume that, because clowns are associated with circuses and fun, and typically wear silly clothes and do silly things, children are bound to like them.

And children often do like them. But almost as often, children absolutely hate and fear them, and can go into screaming panic at the sight of one.

And a child who is terrified of clowns is quite likely to become an adult who’s afraid of clowns. But an adult who never had any worries about clowns as a child isn’t therefore immune – phobic reactions can start at any age.

How does a fear of clowns take root?

So what’s happening here?

Adults tend to think of clowns as being like giant-size dolls. And children love dolls, and big cuddly toys, don’t they? So surely a child will love a clown.

But adults seriously underestimate the effect of a giant on a small child. A gaudily dressed, crazily made-up giant, who is not at all inert and passive like a doll, but does strange and unexpected things, without warning.

A small child does not know that this crazy figure is just an ordinary adult like mum and dad or other adults they know.

To the child it’s a completely alien creature, and even if the clown takes off the silly hat and clothes and wipes off the make-up, the child can feel even more terrified to see an ‘ordinary’ adult suddenly appearing from within the clown.

Such scary experiences can leave a long trace. It’s important to understand that it is the feeling of being scared that generates the phobia, not the object that caused the fear.

This is why even growing up and realizing that clowns are not dangerous at all doesn’t, in itself, fix the phobia. And the same is true for the adult whose terror of clowns started for other reasons, like a horror movie. It’s about the fear, not the object.

Hypnosis can help remove phobias fast

Fortunately, even long established phobias can be very quickly helped when you know how.

Overcome Fear of Clowns is an audio hypnosis session developed by psychologists with wide experience in helping people overcome phobias that will help release you from your fear by disconnecting the emotional association around it.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to your download, you’ll soon notice that

  • you find it easier and easier to relax really deeply
  • troublesome memories simply don’t have the same emotional charge any more
  • you can recall upsetting experiences without getting anxious
  • the idea and the reality of clowns become a matter of indifference to you
  • you begin to enjoy life much more

Download Overcome Fear of Clowns now and give yourself a new freedom. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.


Overcome Fear of Clowns

How to Overcome Fear of Clowns

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