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Overcome fear of technology and make technology work for you

Do you know what every button on your remote control does? Can you expertly use every function and feature of your cell phone? Do you feel at a disadvantage when you see people around you apparently effortlessly using every piece of new technology that comes along, while you struggle to get your head round the menu options?

The pace of change brings more new technology every day

The increasingly fast pace of change in our technologically-based society means that a new gadget or gizmo or widget appears in front of us every day, and the pressure to be seen to be ‘with it’ on the technology front is steadily mounting. It’s not just gadgets, of course. Most of us are using computers on a daily basis – you’re using one now! – and the software programs that run them change even faster than the gizmos.

New technology means there is more to learn

Every time your software is upgraded, there is learning curve to climb. And sometimes it can seem much more like a cliff than a curve. Feeling that you are getting left behind, or are struggling to understand just how it all works, stirs up feelings of anxiety and distress. You might begin to feel that others think you’re stupid. You might even think so yourself.

Negative emotions make learning to master technology more difficult

Such negative emotions and thoughts make things worse. When you are anxious and stressed, your brain cannot function at its best, because it goes into ‘survival’ mode. That means that learning is more difficult. People often mistakenly interpret this difficulty as ‘being stupid’, when it is really a symptom of anxiety.

This is good news!

Mastering new technology is easier when you understand stress

It means that you can immediately dramatically improve your capacity to learn how to handle technology well by calming down, relaxing, and releasing your mind from worry. This reduces emotional arousal and restores your brain to its natural state of receptivity to important information. Technophobia is banished!

When you are calm, your mind is naturally clear, and it is easy to remember that, over the course of your lifetime, you have mastered many intricate skills that once you were completely unable to do. Now you take your ability to place one foot in front of the other and move forwards without crashing down on your face completely for granted. But there was a time when you did not know how to do this.

Past mastery can lead to future mastery – in technology and life

Similarly, you can probably drive a car from A to B while chatting to a passenger, listening to the radio, minding the traffic, and remembering the route all at the same time – and never stalling even once. But I bet it wasn’t like that the first time you got in a car. I’m also willing to bet that, expert driver though you may be, you would probably find it difficult to explain exactly how an internal combustion engine works.

Technical expertise doesn’t mean you have to know everything

If you have found yourself getting worked up about new technology, and maybe even turning down opportunities that would entail having to learn a whole new set of technical skills which you didn’t think you could master, it’s good to remember that you can learn to use technology well for its intended purpose without having to be expert in every aspect.

Learning to relax with technology

And even if you’ve fallen into a habit of thinking ‘I can’t do it’ and so have stopped really trying to master new technology when it comes your way, learning how to relax really deeply will present you with a new springboard for developing your technical capacities and skills.

A speedy, enjoyable and effective way to relax your mind completely is to use hypnotic approaches. Overcome fear of technology is a specially designed audio hypnosis session which combines profound relaxation with the development of new technical learning skills.

Sitting comfortably at home, you can take all the time you need to become expert in the art of relaxing yourself into an optimal learning state as you listen to Overcome fear of technology. The more you listen, the easier it gets. At the same time, Overcome fear of technology will help you develop just the right mindset for comfortably and competently handling the process of learning to deal with different technologies.

Download Overcome fear of technology and get the benefits of making technology work for you – as it was designed to do.


Overcome Fear of Technology

Overcome fear of technology and make technology work for you

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