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Feel a sense of calm clarity in your interactions with the police

Does the sight of a policeman send you into a panic?

Are you overcome with a sense of dread when you see one approaching?

Maybe there’s a good reason for that. Perhaps you’ve had negative experiences with the police in the past. Then again, perhaps not. Maybe your fear is completely irrational – you’ve never had a bad experience or even come close to breaking the law, yet some part of you lives in constant fear of arrest.

Regardless of whether your fear has a basis in reality, one thing’s for sure: it doesn’t serve you well when confronted with the police. Emotions can be contagious, which means that apart from your own emotional suffering and anxiety, your fear may also create a sense of anxiety and unease in the police – which is not ideal, especially when you’ve actually done nothing wrong!

Police are just human beings

That’s not to say you should just blindly trust every police officer. In some parts of the world there are definitely problems with police corruption and poor behavior. But nor should you blindly assume that will be the case. After all, police, like everyone else, are fundamentally just people doing their jobs. As such, it makes sense to treat them just as you would anyone else – with polite respect and a sensible level of caution.

Try to adhere to the old adage “innocent until proven guilty.” Remember that most police officers – in most parts of the world, the majority – are genuinely good people, committed to keeping citizens safe. There are countless inspiring stories of police putting their lives on the line in the service of the community.

Of course, if you’re paralysed by fear, remembering that most police are actually good people with pure intentions may not help very much. That’s where hypnosis can be so useful: in reprogramming those old associations so that your fear response won’t automatically kick in. Quite the contrary: the sight of police may start to fill you with an odd sense of calm!

How hypnosis can help

Overcome Fear of the Police is an audio hypnosis session that will keep you feeling cool and confident whenever you are confronted by the police.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to your session, you’ll notice that you:

  • Feel calm and clear-headed in your interactions with the police
  • Are unaffected by symbols or sounds associated with the police
  • No longer feel emotional when you recall past memories of the police
  • Feel a greater ease and confidence when interacting with people in general.

Download Overcome Fear of the Police now and let the police fade into the background. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.


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Overcome Fear of the Police
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Overcome Fear of the Police
Feel a sense of calm clarity in your interactions with the police. Self-hypnosis can help with your fear of the police.
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Overcome Fear of the Police

Feel a sense of calm clarity in your interactions with the police. Self-hypnosis can help with your fear of the police.

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