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Overcome Thalassophobia

Free yourself of the crippling fear of large bodies of water – permanently

Does even the thought of visiting the seaside send you into a spiral of panic?

Is the idea of a beach holiday tantamount to torture?

For most people, a day at the beach means basking in the sunshine, chatting and laughing, and enjoying a splash in the water. But if you suffer from thalassophobia – the fear of large bodies of water – this seemingly idyllic scene is a living nightmare. With every passing minute you feel your pulse quickening, beads of sweat forming on your skin, and an ever-intensifying urge to run. No matter how many times you try to reason with yourself, that sense of foreboding just keeps getting heavier.

Maybe you’re afraid of being washed out to sea, maybe it’s the thought of what creatures may be lurking below, maybe the immensity of the ocean feels overwhelming… or maybe you’re not even sure what you’re afraid of. Either way, thalassophobia strips all enjoyment from experiences that should bring joy and excitement.

Where does thalassophobia come from?

Fear is a completely natural emotion, and one we all experience from time to time. We evolved to feel fear so that we could identify and avoid potentially dangerous situations, thus increasing our chances of survival. But like any emotion, fear can sometimes be blown out of proportion so that instead of helping us, it holds us back.

We are born with only two fears – of falling, and of loud noises. But as we accumulate life experiences, we learn. We create associations between situations and emotions, and that becomes our template for how we react in future.

Do you remember what it was that first sparked your fear of large bodies of water?

Maybe you got caught in a rip once, maybe you were stung by a jellyfish, or maybe all it took was a particularly vivid movie that portrayed the ocean as an inescapable deathtrap. Whatever it was, it taught your subconscious mind that large bodies of water are to be feared, and should be avoided at all costs.

Now you probably feel your heart start to race at the mere mention of a trip to the beach. Logic is completely bypassed as your subconscious mind recognizes its trigger and pushes your body into panic mode against your better judgement.

How hypnosis can help

Overcome Thalassophobia is an audio hypnosis session that will help you enter a deep state of relaxation in which you can reprogram your negative associations with water into calmer, more positive associations.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to your session, you’ll notice that you:

  • Feel at ease around large bodies of water
  • View large bodies of water with calm objectivity
  • No longer find yourself imagining the worst when you go swimming
  • See thalassophobia as something you experienced in the past
  • Look forward to holidays and trips to the seaside with friends.

Download Overcome Thalassophobia now and develop a calmer, healthier relationship with water. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app, which you can access when you have completed your purchase.


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Overcome Thalassophobia
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Overcome Thalassophobia
Overcome Thalassophobia with hypnosis. Free yourself of the crippling fear of large bodies of water - permanently.
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Overcome Thalassophobia

Overcome Thalassophobia with hypnosis. Free yourself of the crippling fear of large bodies of water - permanently.

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