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Combat migraines before they get started with hypnosis

Those who have never had a migraine just can’t appreciate how awful they can be. The visual disturbance, the nausea, the pain.

Often, pain killers don’t get rid of them, and you’re stuck with having to stop what you’re doing and lie down quietly until it passes, which for some people can take a day or more.

Due to the difficulty in getting rid of migraines, much research has been done into the efficacy of hypnosis in treating migraine – we’ve provided 3 references below 1,2,3 but you can find more simply by searching for ‘hypnosis migraines’.

How to stop a migraine when you feel it coming

As soon as you feel a migraine coming on, simply close your eyes and listen to the Ease Migraines download, from your computer, or whatever you have transferred it to (CD, MP3 player…).

The download will help you access a powerful relaxation response which will naturally lower your blood pressure, and so alter the distribution of blood in the body and brain.

And so, using a completely natural (and extremely beneficial) technique, you can aim to stop the migraine before it gets started.

Download the Ease Migraines session below and put it to the test…

(1) “In a prospective study we compared propranolol, placebo, and self-hypnosis in the treatment of juvenile classic migraine. Statistical analysis showed a significant association between decrease in headache frequency and self-hypnosis training (P = .045)
(2) an updated review of the literature on the effectiveness of hypnosis in the treatment of headaches and migraines, concluding that it meets the clinical psychology research criteria for being a well-established and efficacious treatment and is virtually free of the side effects, risks of adverse reactions, and ongoing expense associated with medication treatments.”
(3) “Results showed that the number of attacks and the number who suffered blinding attacks were significantly lower for the group receiving hypnotherapy than for the group receiving prochlorperazine.”


Get Rid of Migraines

Combat migraines before they get started with hypnosis

Note: Download only available in English language.