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Overcome Travel Sickness With Hypnosis

The threat of motion sickness can make you avoid travel and dread journeys

Travel sickness is horrible; that nauseous lurching feeling coupled with anxiety and sweating about actually being sick can ruin a journey. Whether it’s in a car, boat or on a train or coach, motion sickness can cause you to dread traveling.

But there is a scientific explanation for travel sickness.

What causes travel sickness?

Travel or motion sickness happens when the brain becomes confused due to receiving mixed messages. The brain perceives a mismatch between the feelings of movement from your balance center and the seeming stability of the environment from your eyes.  The delicate inner ear mechanisms are reporting movement while the eyes are reporting stillness.

Because of this strange mismatch your brain assumes that you have been poisoned and so tries to empty the stomach’s contents to try and keep you safe.

Sensible precautions

There are ways to alleviate travel sickness. Firstly look ahead outside the vehicle. This prevents the brain becoming confused because if you see the outside whilst you’re traveling, then the eyes and inner ears can both tag your experience as movement.

If possible look at the horizon or something in the distance. Stop regularly if you are traveling by car for fresh air and if you are traveling by ship get out on deck as much as possible and look to the horizon. You need as much input from your visual field as possible.

How hypnosis can help

Sometime travel sickness can start even before you start traveling. The smell of petrol or even the thought and expectation of travel can start those travel sickness feelings. This is like your brain doing natural negative self hypnosis. The smell of petrol can act like a faulty link in your mind-just like a post hypnotic suggestion. Hypnosis can re-train your brain to calm down and stop travel sickness from starting by subtly teaching your brain to form a different set of expectations when you travel.

Download Overcome Travel Sickness now and enjoy your next trip. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.


Overcome Travel Sickness

Overcome Travel Sickness With Hypnosis

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