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The Relationship Helper Hypnosis 5 Pack

Your relationship with your husband, wife or partner is so important, and can be difficult to improve. Here’s how hypnosis can help.

Your primary relationship can be the source of so much pleasure, or so much pain, depending on how that relationship is going.

You’ve probably tried to improve things again and again and the frustration and pain gets worse every time. Where did all the love and fun go?

How relationships develop over time

The start of any relationship is usually idyllic – everything is perfect, or so we think. But maturing relationships require a different set of skills to the infatuation stage. And this can be a painful learning process for all involved.

If this takes too long, it is easy to get locked into patterns of reaction and behaviours within relationships, making change more difficult as it often takes a concerted effort by both parties simultaneously.

If you find yourself repeating unhelpful patterns within relationships, the Relationship Helper Hypnosis 5-Pack can help you break them.


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The Relationship Helper Hypnosis 5-Pack contains these 5 carefully selected sessions:

  • Emotional Intimacy – feel close again, just like you used to.
  • I’m OK, You’re OK – an essential foundation for any relationship.
  • Love Your Imperfect Partner – it’s too easy to focus on negatives – get a wider view.
  • Put the Spark Back Into Your Relationship – it used to feel so good. This session will refresh those feelings and remind you what attracted you to each other in the first place.
  • Be More Playful – fun is an essential part of a healthy relationship. Remember how to have fun with each other.
  • How to use the Relationship Helper Pack

    When you look at the five titles above, you will probably see one or more that you feel apply strongly to your situation. We recommend that you start by listening to these once per day.

    When you notice that you are getting significant benefits in these areas, start bringing the other titles into your listening list. You can continue to use them yourself – and perhaps recommend one or more to your partner if they are amenable – until you have achieved what you wanted from the downloads.

    Of course any relationship improvement needs help from both partners, but the new perspectives provided by these hypnosis downloads can help you step out of old negative patterns and embrace a fresh new start for your relationship. Good luck!

    Download the Relationship Helper Hypnosis 5-Pack below. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.


    Relationship Helper Pack

    The Relationship Helper Hypnosis 5 Pack

    Note: Download only available in English language.