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Eradicate the stress of poor studying performance by training your brain to focus, absorb and recall effectively

Knowing that you’re failing to study as much as you should is stressful. And studying as hard as you can without good results is just as bad, if not worse. Sometimes, it just seems that the motivation to study is just not there, even though you know you should. Or when you do study, the information just won’t seem to go in.

Set the psychological scene for successful studying

There have been times when studying has been effortless for you, and you have been able to remember and recall information rapidly and easily. But perhaps that was a long time ago. The fact remains, your brain is designed for information storage and retrieval, and if you get your ‘mental environment’ right, your brain’s natural abilities will be able to shine.

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The Successful Studying Pack contains these 5 carefully selected downloads:

  • Studying Motivation – get your unconscious drive pushing you to study as much as you need to
  • Academic Performance – improve your studying concentration and help organize new information for improved retention
  • Learn Fast – focus on the facts and use ‘mind games’ to embed your learning quickly and deeply
  • Don’t Get Distracted – keep yourself on track, no matter what else is going on around you
  • Remember What You Read – improve your absorption and retention of the information you read

How to use the Successful Studying Pack

To use this pack, choose what you consider the most important download first, then the next in your priority list. It is important to listen to any session you consider less important as they will support the others, but they can be used later in rotation.

Even right after your very first listening you may begin to notice an increased ability to focus and concentrate on your studies. Give the pack a try now and look forward to greatly improved study, and much reduced stress!


Successful Studying Pack

Successful Studying with self-hypnosis. Eradicate the stress of poor studying by training your brain to focus, absorb and recall effectively.

Note: Download only available in English language.