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Keep your fitness motivation going long-term

Escape the boom-and-bust pattern of exercise by permanently changing your unconscious attitude to fitness.

We all know that being fit and strong is good for our health. We know that if we are overweight, exercising regularly will help us lose weight and feel better about ourselves. We know that in the long term, if we stay fit we will live longer.

So why is knowing this not enough motivation to keep exercising regularly?

The trouble is that as a rule, human beings are not terribly good at motivating themselves based on long term rewards. Mostly, we do what will make us feel good now. And often, that involves sitting still. Or eating. The effort required to exercise is just one hill too many to climb.

What can you do to make exercising something you actually look forward to?

What we all want is to stay fit and healthy without the daily grind of guilt and self reproach. To do what we know is the right thing without having to beat ourselves up. And that’s where hypnosis comes in.

Escape the ‘all or nothing’ exercise rut

To change your attitude to exercise requires a shift at an unconscious level to get you out of the age old boom-and-bust pattern of exercising. You know how it goes – it’s January, you hit the gym, everything’s going to be different this year… oh, it’s the end of February, where did all my va-va-voom go?

So we’ve put together what we consider to be the perfect building blocks for exercise motivation that will get you exercising and keep you exercising.

Self Hypnosis Audio Five Pack

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The Total Fitness Motivation Pack contains these 5 carefully selected downloads:

  • Exercise Motivation – Use hypnosis to build a powerful exercise habit, and listen to it regularly to strengthen your unconscious drive to exercise.
  • Self Talk Coach – train your brain to talk to you like a real friend and mentor.
  • Self Discipline– master the skill of self-discipline with powerful hypnotic suggestions to increase your focus and determination
  • Your Human Needs – develop a robust strategy for looking after yourself and ensuring your basic primal needs are met
  • Do It Now – stop putting it off!
  • The Total Fitness Motivation Pack is guaranteed to permanently change your approach to exercise and fitness over the coming weeks. It will give you a natural long-lasting urge to maintain your fitness program. Download it today for only $49.95 and get started on your path to total life fitness.


    Total Fitness Motivation Pack

    Keep your fitness motivation going long-term

    Note: Download only available in English language.