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Experience Arm Catalepsy in Hypnosis

Use this permissive, indirect hypnosis session to experience hypnotic phenomena

Those who master self-hypnosis master many of their own physical processes.

And hypnotic phenomena, such as arm catalepsy, are an excellent way to discover and explore the conscious / unconscious split.

Catalepsy means becoming rigid, immobile and strong.

And as with all hypnotic phenomena catalepsy diminishes as trance lightens, then disappears once you come out of trance.

Arm catalepsy can be used in therapy as a metaphor for developing strength and determination in other areas of life, as well as training the client how to ‘let their unconscious mind get on with things’.

What is happening with arm catalepsy in hypnosis?

During hypnotic phenomena such as arm catalepsy, the conscious mind ‘sits back’ and observe what the unconscious mind is doing. This gives an unparalleled insight into how to control the functioning of the conscious mind.

And imagine what happens when you become skilled at this and able to give commands for your unconscious mind to fulfil!

Great sports stars and artists often observe their own mastery as if the conscious part of themselves is separate from their own unconscious excellence, just as happens with hypnotic phenomena.

When you listen to this session, as your arm starts to become cataleptic you’ll be given powerful suggestions to begin experiencing a great many positive changes in your life.

Download Experience Arm Catalepsy in hypnosis now and start to unlock your hypnotic potential. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

Note: Due to its advanced nature, Experience Arm Catalepsy is recommended only for practicing hypnotherapists or those experienced in using hypnosis.


Arm Catalepsy

Experience Arm Catalepsy in Hypnosis. Use this permissive, indirect hypnosis session to experience hypnotic phenomena.

Note: Download only available in English language.