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Experience Hand Levitation in Hypnosis

Let this indirect, Ericksonian hypnosis audio show you how to experience this fascinating hypnotic phenomenon

Those who master self-hypnosis master many of their own physical processes. When you begin to experience hypnotic phenomena, such as hand levitation, suddenly all kinds of other things start to feel possible.

During any hypnotic phenomena, your conscious mind sits back and observes what your unconscious mind does. We can see this happening in everyday ways such as salivation, or blushing.

But imagine what happens when your conscious mind starts to give commands for your unconscious mind to fulfil?

Allowing your unconscious mind freedom can lead to excellence

Great sports stars and artists often observe their own mastery as if the conscious part of themselves is observing the products of the unconscious parts of their own excellence.

You may have heard artists or writers say “It’s not really me doing it, it’s as if something is working through me”. That something is their unconscious mind, an astoundingly skilled and creative part of the mind.

With the Experience Hand Levitation hypnosis session you can learn to give your unconscious mind tasks, such as lifting your arm without your conscious mind being involved.

What a hypnotic hand levitation will teach you

It’s an incredible feeling to just sit there making no effort as your arm lifts into the air.

And what’s more important, the experience will give you deep insight into the true nature of hypnosis – the disengagement of the conscious from the unconscious. This insight alone will make you much better at delivering hypnosis.

Also, as your arm rises you’ll be given powerful suggestions to begin experiencing positive changes in your life.

Download the Experience Hand Levitation hypnosis session now and unlock your own hypnotic potential. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

Note: Due to its advanced nature, Experience Hand Levitation is recommended only for practising hypnotherapists or those experienced in using hypnosis.


Hand Levitation

Experience Hand Levitation in Hypnosis

Note: Download only available in English language.