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Don’t be taken for granted

Hypnosis is a great way to prepare yourself to take a stand against being taken for granted

Do you often get the feeling that people are just too quick to assume that you will do what they ask?

Have you perhaps noticed that your contributions are so ‘expected’ that you don’t even get asked any more?

It’s human to want to be liked, and to want to fit in and get on with those around us. This is what constitutes the social glue that keeps us relatively comfortably together. Contributing in some way to the groups of which we are a part is in fact a fundamental human need. That is, it is one of the things that we all actually have an innate drive to do, and we suffer mentally and emotionally if we can’t do it.

We need to be appreciated and not taken for granted

But we have another important need to satisfy as well. We need to feel that we are valued and appreciated. It’s all very well contributing, but if your contribution becomes part of the wall paper – something nobody notices anymore – you will also suffer mentally and emotionally. Lots of our human needs are like this – we have to get them satisfied in balance with each other if we are to have a good life.

However, if you’ve been gradually fading into someone’s wall paper over time, it can be tricky to work out the best way to deal with it. Although it might be the case that you really need to put your foot down and simply refuse to do the things which are expected of you any more, you might not want to rock the boat that severely. You may be quite happy doing what you’re doing – you just want to get the acknowledgement and respect that’s due to you.

How do you go about complaining that you’re not valued enough?

But when you think about raising the subject with the people who are taking you for granted, it can feel awkward. As if you are stepping out of character – after all, you’re the one everyone depends on, not the one who ‘makes a fuss’. And what exactly do you say? What will happen if people don’t like what you say? What if they turn against you? Thoughts such as these can make you hold back and just continue as you are.

So the question is, how can you boost your assertiveness and self-confidence enough to feel okay about tackling the issue of how much appreciation is due to you in a fair and equitable way?

Hypnosis can give you the confidence to get recognition for what you do

Don’t be taken for granted is an audio hypnosis session that will make it much easier for you to prepare yourself to make a stand. Using the latest psychological insights and powerful hypnotic suggestions that work at the unconscious level, this download will set off your inner transformation. You will notice that you feel stronger even after the first listening, and as you continue to listen regularly you’ll become aware that

  • you feel more confident about your own position
  • you find it easier to speak to others about what you want
  • you can negotiate to acceptable compromises
  • you feel the satisfaction that comes from honoring your own worth
  • other people respect and appreciate you much more

Download Don’t be taken for granted and enjoy a better balance with those around you.


Don’t Be Taken for Granted

Don't be taken for granted

Note: Download only available in English language.