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How to Stop Taking Things Personally – Fast

Why hypnosis can help you escape the trap of taking things too much to heart

‘What on earth did they mean by that look? Have I upset them, or something?’

It’s hard not to take some things personally. But taking things personally all the time can make life very difficult.

Why taking things personally causes problems

The reason why taking things personally too much of the time can cause problems is that it puts things out of kilter – that is, it gives you a skewed perspective on life.

Of course, it’s natural for us to see things from our own ‘point of view’. However, as we grow from childhood we become aware of the existence of different perspectives, and we realize that life does not revolve only around ‘me’. Other views are also valid and may be way beyond your life experience so far.

Relaxing with different views helps you not to take things personally

When this maturity dawns, it generally becomes easier for us to relax around other people and their ‘views’.

We may still sometimes have conflicts and disagreements with people, of course, or question ourselves about our own actions, but on the whole we are able to ‘live and let live’ and not let the differences get in the way of our lives.

Stumbling blocks that make you take it personally

For some people, it can still be difficult to stop taking things personally, even if they are aware that there are different ways of looking at life.

This may be a result of upbringing. For instance, someone raised by overly critical parents or teachers can find that they just ‘naturally’ always look out for and expect criticism from others – even when it isn’t really there.

The benefits of not taking it personally any more

Always worrying about what other people ‘really’ think, or blaming yourself (or feeling blamed) for every single little thing that goes awry, takes up a huge amount of emotional energy and really limits your life.

Learning how to stop taking things so personally can bring so much freedom and ease into your life, and allow you to develop in ways you wouldn’t have thought possible.

How hypnosis can help you to stop taking things personally

Just how do you go about changing what may be the habit of a lifetime? It’s certainly not, as you’ve probably discovered, just a case of trying to think differently. No, what you need is something that will help you feel differently.

Don’t Take It Personally is an audio hypnosis session which works at a psychological and emotional level to bring about a fundamental change in your perspective on life.

Using powerful hypnotic techniques, Don’t Take It Personally teaches you how to enter a profound state of physical and mental relaxation. This calms down the emotional arousal associated with feeling criticized or blamed and allows you to adopt a new, freer stance.

At the same time, the session helps you to distinguish clearly between destructive criticism and potentially useful feedback. This means that, far from not caring what other people think, you become a master of knowing when, how, and how much to pay attention to the views of others in a way that is compatible with your own true values.

Download Don’t Take It Personally now and restore calm and balance to your relationships. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.


Don’t Take It Personally

How to Stop Taking Things Personally - Fast

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