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How to Feel More Connected With Other People

Create feelings of strong emotional and social connection using hypnosis

No man or woman is an island. We all need to feel emotionally connected to other people.

Incredibly though, the importance of social ties goes much, much deeper than just making us feel better.

Feeling connected to other people – having strong social ties – is directly related to physical health. Social ties have a positive ‘buffering effect’ and which occurs despite adverse life style choices such as smoking and drinking too much.

People with fewer social ties die younger

Smoking and diet are important factors in determining your health but a large piece of research (1) found that the powerful influence of social support on health seems to be largely independent from the role that your family or friends might have in encouraging healthier life style choices and health habits.

It’s easy to forget about great friendships from the past but even if people are no longer in your life you can still relate to them through wonderful memories and in that way feel more connected to them.

This session will get you feeling deeply relaxed and strongly connected to other people in your current and past life – and the great thing is every time you use this session you can feel connected to different people, even if they are on the other side of the world.

Feel more connected with hypnosis

The Feel More Connected hypnosis session is designed to put your brain into the right state to feel emotionally connected to others. Then, when you are with other people, the post hypnotic suggestion will help you feel that way and so build the sort of real connections you so desire.

During the session you will listen to a short introduction about why social connections are so important, and then experience a wonderfully relaxing, uplifting hypnosis session that will help you develop feelings of profound connection to others.

The Feel Connected hypnosis session will help your body and mind to;

  • benefit from deep relaxation
  • evoke the positive physical changes you originally felt when connected socially
  • be more open to connecting with people in your current life
  • reconnect with those people from your past and pick up the threads

Download Feel Connected now and deepen your social connectedness. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

(1) Berkman and Syme 1989. The study found used 7,000 residents of Almeda County California and tracked them over 9 years. The research looked at their health habits, the amount of social ties, close friends they had, whether they were in regular group contact such as church attendance and whether they were married. The mortality rates seemed to be directly linked to the simple factor of quantity of social ties. People with few ties to other people had mortality rates 2 to 5 times higher than better connected people. This strong link between social ties and death rates was independent of more traditional such as smoking, drinking, exercise and obesity. The link applied to both sexes, all ethnic groups and in a 17 year follow up appeared to hold good into old age.


Feel Connected

How to Feel More Connected With Other People

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