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How to Overcome Fear of Making Eye Contact

Being more relaxed around people helps you be more comfortable making eye contact

Making eye contact is a totally natural part of human communication. In fact, eye contact is the first part of human communication.

Long before a baby can speak, or understand words, in the very first days of its life, it can distinguish faces from other objects, and respond to eye contact. Nobody needs to teach a baby how to make eye contact.

The importance of eye contact in communication

Living as we do in the ‘communications age’, we are much more conscious nowadays about how we communicate with each other. We analyze it a lot. We know that eye contact is very important.

We know that what kind of eye contact we make can make or break our communications. But as soon as you start checking what kind of eye contact you are making, you are in trouble!


Self-consciousness can make you too aware of eye contact

When you become self-conscious about eye contact, you move your attention from the content of your communication to the process. And when you focus on the process, you are likely to trip over it.

If you are walking along, and start questioning how exactly you do that, you will bring yourself to a standstill. Or fall over. You have interrupted what should be an instinctive, automatic behavior.

The effect of stress on communication and eye contact

Of course, some situations make it hard to avoid doing this. If you are at a job interview, for instance, or out with a new date, you know how much hangs on the success of your communication.

So it’s not surprising if you start worrying whether you are ‘staring’, or whether you are avoiding the gaze of the other person too much, and anyway, how much is too much? How can you become more comfortable with eye contact again?

How to reprogram instinctive skills like eye contact

The good news is that the ‘instinctive’ skills of eye contact can be ‘reset’. As with any other skill, conscientious practice leads to mastery, and mastery leads to unselfconscious performance.

It can help to have a friend to practice with – somebody you already feel comfortable with. Practicing in a non-threatening situation allows you to become more confident and relaxed about your use of eye contact.

Using hypnosis to make eye contact easier

In addition to this ‘external’ practice, you can make use of your own brain’s ability to reprogram ‘instinctive’ skills. Your brain does this naturally every night when you dream, but you can use this capacity deliberately, with hypnosis. This is highly effective for those unconscious skills like eye contact.

Make Eye Contact is an audio hypnosis session which makes it easy for you to master the art of using hypnosis to help you make better eye contact. Firstly, it takes all the stress out of the situation by taking you into a deep trance state. Profound relaxation benefits your mind and body in itself.

But unlike the dream state with its seemingly random dramas, Make Eye Contact helps you build a powerfully transformative hypnotic scenario. You will find yourself completely absorbed in re-absorbing the fundamentals of comfortable and appropriate eye contact while you relax.

Download Make Eye Contact now and let the world see what’s in your eyes. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.


Making Eye Contact

How to Overcome Fear of Making Eye Contact

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