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Feel More Comfortable Setting Boundaries in Relationships

Hypnosis can quickly help you develop the inner attitudes for setting boundaries and effectively maintaining them

Are people taking advantage of you more than you feel comfortable with?

Do you feel that others sometimes don’t respect you or treat you as appropriately as they should?

We humans are social creatures. We want (and need) to interact closely with each other and form good interpersonal connections. In fact, our physical and mental health can suffer severely if we don’t manage to do this.

So getting on well with each other is a vital survival skill. We all want to be liked, and our desire for the approval of others makes us (on the whole!) cooperative and friendly. So far, so good.

But our sociability is not just about connections. It’s also about status and control. And we need a sense of status and a sense of control just as much as we need a sense of connection.

We like to know where we stand in our local social set up and to feel that our position in it is acknowledged and honored. And we like to feel that we have some control over our lives and some free choice over what we do.

Why setting boundaries is important for your wellbeing

Getting the balance right between our needs for connection, status and control is not always simple. Our need to be sociable and connect requires us to be pleasant to each other so that we all feel comfortable together.

But always giving way to others for the sake of smoothing social relations can result in either a perceived loss of status or a loss of control – or sometimes both. And that can feel very unsatisfactory.

But what is the key to getting a better balance?

If you want to have good relations with other people, and also want to be appropriately respected, you have to make it clear, to yourself and others, where you stand.

In other words, you need to set boundaries about what is and is not acceptable to you. It’s not necessary to be totally inflexible about it. There’s always room for generosity and/or extra tolerance when required. But it should always be clear that this is voluntary on your part.

Moving from a situation where people have been assuming and taking it for granted that you will do what they ask, or that they can treat you how they like without regard for what is due to you, can feel like something of a challenge.

Where do you start? How will other people respond? Will you be able to keep it up? How can you change your inner attitude so that setting personal boundaries feels natural to you, rather than awkward?

How hypnosis can help you go about setting boundaries quickly and comfortably

Setting Boundaries is an audio hypnosis session developed by psychologists which will dramatically ease the transition to being more assertive in setting boundaries in your relationships.

Using the power of hypnosis to help you bring about deep inner change comfortably and easily while you enjoy profound relaxation, this download will help you access the specific inner resources that will enable you to set – and maintain – appropriate boundaries with others.

As you relax regularly to this session and integrate all the new learning it brings you, you will notice that

  • you find it increasingly easy to be clear to people about where you stand
  • you no longer feel ‘compelled’ to say yes on every occasion
  • people treat you with new respect
  • you feel much calmer and stronger around other people
  • you enjoy life more

Download Setting Boundaries now and make sure that connection, status and respect are in balance in your life. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

This is also available as part of our 10 Steps to Absolute Assertiveness Hypnosis Course

If a lack of assertiveness is keeping you awake at night, help is at hand. You can escape the anger, depression and anxiety it causes with the skills to stand up for yourself, comfortably and calmly.


Setting Boundaries

Feel More Comfortable Setting Boundaries in Relationships

Note: Download only available in English language.