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Be a Better Manager and See Your Team Flourish

Does your team need a better manager to draw the best from them? Are YOU that manager? When you think about successful teams, in any field, it’s clear that there is more to building a good team than having a bunch of talented or hard working people on board. Look at any great team and you’ll find a good manager at the heart of it.

What It Takes to Be a Good Manager

And what does this good manager, this great team leader, do? Well, they are not dictators, issuing orders and penalizing anyone who doesn’t do as they’re told. Nor do they hide in their office and let everybody do whatever they want. Good management is rather like choreography – the design of dance. To get the best from your ‘dancers’ you have to:

  • understand the story of the dance (business goals and strategy)
  • be clear what will bring that story alive (action plans)
  • understand the role of each character in the story (key roles)
  • know how to make the best of the chorus dancers who don’t have title roles, as well as the soloists (resource allocation)
  • give each individual a chance to shine, even in the chorus (staff development)
  • let everybody know how they’re doing (review and feedback)
  • know when to direct from the front, when to be a background guiding force.

And that’s just for starters! Good management is more than just skill. Management training courses can teach you many of the skills that make leading your team to success easier. But good leadership is more than just skills. It’s about understanding yourself, understanding others, and knowing how to smoothly (and in an instant) move between all the different roles and responsibilities that fall to you in the working day. Sometimes juggling is a better metaphor!

Developing the Team Leader Mindset with Hypnosis

So how do you go beyond the ‘basic skills’? Hypnosis can help you quickly develop the team leader mindset. Be a better manager is an audio hypnosis session that focuses on developing the mindset and attitudes of good leadership at the unconscious level. As you relax and listen repeatedly to your download, you’ll find that you:

  • begin to feel much more relaxed and calm generally about your management role
  • get a broader perspective on what your team is ‘about’
  • see more clearly what could help your team do better, as individuals and as a group
  • feel much more confident about taking your team forwards
  • treat yourself as well as you treat your staff, recognizing your own unique humanity as well as theirs
  • enjoy what you do more and more.

Download Be a Better Manager and see just what your team can achieve.


Be a Better Manager

"Be a Better Manager" is an audio hypnosis session to help you quickly develop the team leader mindset and attitudes of good leadership.

Note: Download only available in English language.