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Dealing with a Challenging Child

Let hypnosis make you more resourceful

Do you sometimes find it hard to deal with your child’s emotions or behavior?

Do you worry that you’re too controlling, or too lax, or falling short as a parent?

Every child is unique

Every child is unique. This is a cliché, of course. But even if you think you and your child are very alike, you will constantly be surprised by what they do, or say, or how they react emotionally. There will be times when you feel like you’ve fully ‘sussed’ them. And there will be other times when you’re completely at a loss to understand what’s going on with them, or what to do.

Much as you love your children, raising unique individuals can be very frustrating at times. You may have tried to apply a set of ‘parenting rules’. Some people simply copy what their own parents did. Some people try to do the exact opposite of what their parents did. Either way, you’ll have noticed that somehow those rules just don’t always work out as expected with your own children.

There is no perfect parent, or child

When this happens, you can go through quite a mix of emotions yourself. You might feel angry, disappointed, anxious, or guilty. You might regret how you dealt with a situation in the heat of the moment, and beat yourself up for not being a good parent. Or you might start worrying that there’s something ‘wrong’ with your child because they don’t respond how you expect.

The truth is, in spite of the thousands of ‘how to bring up your children’ books, there is no single perfect set of ‘rules’ that will work for all children everywhere. And there is no such thing as a perfect parent, or a perfect child. Parents and children are all imperfect (and unique) human beings making their way in the world as best they can. So you can take comfort from the thought that your experience is normal.

This doesn’t mean that we don’t know anything about parenting.

Parenting is not about ‘rules’

What generally works best for both children and parents is not so much following any specific set of rules but rather being able to be flexible and adaptable. This allows you to approach each situation with regard to all the specific circumstances and to shape how you handle it. It doesn’t mean you’ll always get it right, but overall you will get better results. And you and your children will be happier.

But how can you develop the mindset and resource states that will give you such flexibility?

There is no better way than with the help of hypnosis.

Hypnosis can help you be more resourceful and creative

Challenging child is an audio hypnosis session that will gently train you in how to quickly access resourceful states and respond more creatively in tricky situations so that you and your child can both benefit.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to your download, you’ll notice that you:

  • Get to enjoy very deep relaxation that truly refreshes and invigorates you
  • Discover how to detach from emotions so you can see the big picture
  • Learn how to use powerful calming techniques to steady yourself
  • Connect more easily with the deep love you have for your child even in difficult situations
  • Come up with surprisingly inventive strategies that respect your child’s needs – and your needs too
  • Relax more about your parenting and enjoy life so much more.

Download Challenging child and expand and enrich your lives together.


Challenging Child

Dealing with a Challenging Child

Note: Download only available in English language.