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Remove your ‘hot buttons’ with this gentle, permissive, deeply relaxing hypnosis session

You love your children but they can drive you crazy!

Children can know just how to wind adults up with just a look sometimes.

But angry outbursts towards your children can leave you feeling guilty and upset, which isn’t good for anybody.

Of course, kids need to know when they do wrong and they need to know you mean business, but constantly screaming and balling at them exhausts and upsets you and teaches them that shouting is the way to go.

There must be another way

Maybe it seems that all your time is spent yelling at your kids leaving little time to spend quality time with them.

Getting angry is bad for you and it’s bad for them and anger makes you do and say things you later regret.

You probably already have an idea how you’d like to be around your children, but find that when it comes to it, you’re still losing your cool more often that you’d like.

How hypnosis can help you be a more patient parent

The reason it can be so difficult to ‘get in front’ of your angry outbursts is that it has become a habit reaction.

There’s just not enough space between the trigger and the reaction for you to choose how you’d like to respond.

Hypnosis is extremely good at changing ‘knee jerk’ responses, so that you have more space to choose, and the old automatic responses no longer fire off.

The Be a More Patient Parent hypnosis session will help you feel calmer around those ‘danger times’ where you were more likely to erupt at your kids.

Be a More Patient Parent will help you remain calm and thoughtful during the inevitable stresses of parenting. It will encourage you as a parent to keep in mind your long-term goals and values in raising children, this will help balance out angry lecturing and increase active listening and focused calm problem solving.

Download Be a More Patient Parent now and be amazed when you react differently next time. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.


How to Be a More Patient Parent

Become a more patient parent. Remove your 'hot buttons' with this gentle, permissive, deeply relaxing hypnosis session.

Note: Download only available in English language.