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Turn your family into a real team family – from the inside

Team family – is that nothing more than fluffy nostalgia for the good old days, or a genuine possibility for a family that must contend with the divisive social and economic pressures of the 21st century? Turning back the clock to the days of small, close-knit communities and large, close-knit families is not an option, but there are ways to build family cohesion – when you understand what a family really needs.

Families are about more than survival

In the old days, the structure of society molded how families formed and how they worked. People didn’t consciously plan to have extended families with many links – that’s just how it was. It was about survival. Beyond pure survival, it ensured that most people had a network of support to call on in times of need. The by-products of connection and meaning weren’t an important factor – until we started losing them.

Modern families live differently than their ancestors

Following the industrial revolution and modern commercial expansion, large family networks became less essential for survival. People have smaller families, and tend to live much more widely dispersed from their families. Within the home, family life itself is ‘atomized’, with working patterns, TV and now computers often keeping family members in their own little zones. Meals round a table just don’t happen that much.

Progress has not always been good for families – or individuals

People are starting to wake up to what has been lost, and to understand what family togetherness and support really meant. Sure, not every family was perfect, or always a joy to be part of, but the rising rates of stress and depression everywhere are testament to the widespread dislocation and isolation that many people now experience.

So what can you do to recover the best of what being a family meant? How can you establish a real ‘we’re all on one side’ atmosphere in your own home?

What you can do to make your family a team again

It’s important to appreciate that you can’t suddenly one day announce to your family that they must ‘do things differently’ from now on. However noble your intentions, such an approach is likely to backfire and cause more resentment than togetherness. Like all really significant changes in life, the path that leads to a ‘team family’ starts from inside. If you want a that team for your family, your best bet is to begin with you.

Using hypnosis and psychology to work towards a team family

Team Family is an audio hypnosis session which utilizes the latest insights into the psychology behind truly successful family life and combines these with the power of hypnosis to help you begin to adopt the mindset and the behaviors which will really bring your family together.

As you relax and listen to Team Family you will learn about the real needs of individuals and families and how best to meet these needs. You will begin to see your own role in the family in a new light. And you will be inspired to make these insights a fundamental part of who and what you are. You will find that, just by becoming different yourself, your family will start to change too – as if of its own accord.

Download Team Family and let your family have the benefits.


Team Family

Turn your family into a real team family - from the inside

Note: Download only available in English language.