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How to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Life begins outside your comfort zone – use this hypnosis session to get out there now!

How spacious is your comfort zone? Are you fretting inside the straitjacket of conformity and habit?

Are you thinking about starting something new, doing something different, but afraid to take the first steps because there’s just too many unknowns and what if it all goes wrong?

Do you look at the edges of your comfort zone and wonder – why is it so small?

Such feelings are more common than you might think. Of course, safety and security are fundamental needs for all of us, and much of our lives seem geared to arranging things so that we can reliably predict what’s going to happen and prepare ourselves to deal with it.

We do this by creating routines and habits. And sticking to them. Religiously.

Why do we have a ‘comfort zone’?

We all love the zest for life that we see in young children. They are curious about everything, want to try new things, are always ready to explore.

The whole world is new to them. Yet all too soon, it seems, the pattern of ‘clinging to the familiar’ begins to show.

We quickly learn what’s ‘safe’, from our own experience and from society. We build up a ‘comfort zone’ which we can sum up as ‘what we know and can rely on’.

This can be:

  • geographic (my house, my neighbourhood, my town)
  • social (my family, my friends, my community)
  • work-related (my job, my colleagues)
  • ideological (my politics, my religion)
  • behavioural (what I do every day)

What is a comfort zone for?

There’s nothing wrong with having a comfort zone – everybody needs one!

It makes life easier in many ways if you stick with what you know and have practised lots of times. It brings a sense of security and safety. It means you can operate without undue anxiety and stress, and can give your energy to ‘getting on with it’.

When a comfort zone becomes limiting

The limits of your comfort zone only become a problem when they start to feel like prison walls.

When your natural human desire (still in there after all these years) to reach out for the new and different is stifled by unwarranted fear and trepidation.

When you begin to wonder if these safe routines are really delivering you the good life you used to dream of.

Don’t destroy your comfort zone – expand it!

Some people address this challenge by knocking down their comfort zone, or jumping right out of it.

This extreme approach can work, of course, but it doesn’t have to be that drastic. By beginning to think of your world and your life in a different way, you can stretch your comfort zone to bring new things inside it.

Use the unconscious mind to begin expanding your comfort zone

It’s clear that a ‘comfort zone’ is a mental construct, and that changing it requires a ‘change of mind’.

Expand Your Comfort Zone uses hypnosis (an ‘altered state of mind’) to make it easier for you to consider and adopt an appropriate mindset for the changes you want to make in your life.

This powerful hypnosis session allows you to let your own unconscious mind find the right way forward for you – which it can do much more effectively than all your conscious fretting.

You will discover how to let yourself relax really deeply and release your own inner creativity and spirit of adventure. It will begin to feel completely natural again to let life bring you new things – and enjoy them.

Download Expand Your Comfort Zone now and get ready for adventure. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.


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Comfort Zone
How to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone. Life begins outside your comfort zone - use this hypnosis session to get out there now!
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How to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone. Life begins outside your comfort zone - use this hypnosis session to get out there now!

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