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Get motivated to get going with your home improvements

Home Improvement MotivationMr Biswas is the ‘everyman’, ordinary Joe hero of Caribbean author V S Naipaul’s famous tragicomic novel A House for Mr Biswas. Mr Biswas battles with the slings and arrows of everyday life – you know, bureaucracy, taxes, jobs, in laws, neighbors. And home improvements. It may be the only piece of serious literature (hilarious though it is) to feature home improvements.

We all feel much the same about home improvement

Mr Biswas’ attitude to home improvements is pretty much how we all feel when we think about making our homes a better/more efficient/more comfortable/more valuable place to live. He finds the house he wants, and his head fills with brilliant ideas for improving it. He will decorate. He will extend. He will put in a new kitchen. Add a loft. But then he moves in. And somehow he just never ‘gets around to it’.

Sound familiar?

How can you overcome inertia and start improving your home?

What does it take to turn our grand (or even small) DIY and decoration dreams into reality? What will get us to pick up that paint brush and start? What will make us sit down and work out a plan, and a schedule, and a budget, and START improving this home? Where can we find some ‘irresistible compulsion’ to get going on what we know will make our home so much better than it is?

Irresistible compulsions develop in the unconscious mind – out of our awareness. Most people don’t realize that you can actively generate such a compulsion. But you can!

Use hypnosis to really boost your home improvement motivation

Home improvement motivation is an audio hypnosis session which you can use to fire up your own motivation and commitment to improving your home.

While you sit back and relax (which you must admit is a good way to start), Home improvement motivation will embed powerful hypnotic suggestions in your unconscious which will perceptibly alter both the way you feel and what you do about improving your home.

Download Home improvement motivation and make your home what you want it to be.


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Home Improvement Motivation
Get motivated to get going with your home improvements
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Home Improvement Motivation

Get motivated to get going with your home improvements.

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