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The Life Enhancers Series

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The Life Enhancers series is a pack of 4 sessions to help you to enhance your life. Based on big-picture perspectives, they will help you stand back from life and make wise decisions about where you are headed.

Find Your Passion

We all wonder whether we’re doing what we should be doing from time to time. Find Your Passion will help you work out what really floats your boat!

Think Outside The Box

Those who can generate novel solutions when others are stumped often go far. Increase your ability to see beyond the norm.

Same Life, Different Story

There is always more than one way of looking at things, and a new story for your life can show things in a very different light. This session will show you just how profound that change can be.

The Bird Who Flew

A tale of courage and individualism, The Bird Who Flew can set a blueprint in your mind for self reliance and determination. Oh, and it’s a great story too!


Life Enhancers Series

The Life Enhancers Series

Note: Download only available in English language.