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See the Funny Side in Situations

Be more humorous, laugh more and protect yourself from depression, anger and anxiety

Being able to lighten up and see the funny side might not seem important.

But being able to laugh at yourself and at life in general is life long protection against depression, anxiety, and anger – all toxic emotions.

Also, if you want to appear super-confident then show people you can laugh at yourself sometimes. Not always taking yourself or situations too seriously shows you are unafraid.

Lightening up and seeing the funny side boosts creativity

Being able to see the funny side bursts the arrogant balloon of pomposity and self importance. You are important but self-importance is not the way to appreciate this.

‘This is no laughing matter!’ Well who’s to say? Some of the best ideas come from what were initially jokes.

Over-seriousness is a microscope that narrows focus and enlarges detail at the expense of the bigger picture. Serious things can be appreciated in non-serious ways.

Humor and laughter can be a serious business when it enlarges are way of seeing things, lowers stress and makes us braver.

For humor, think flexible thinking.

Dictators and bullies hate humor

It’s a mistake to dismiss the funny side. Humor has always been banned under dictatorships; comedians are seen as a threat.

Why? Because humor can illuminate truths, break through the constraints of narrow thinking and puncture self importance. Humor shows we are not afraid. Tyrants hate to be laughed at and they certainly don’t laugh at themselves

We build our own little narrow dictatorships

Human beings construct their own personal psychological dictatorships.

These personal restrictive ‘prisons’ are built on a solid foundation of rigid rules and assumptions of right and wrong, with walls of ‘should’s’ and ‘ought’s’ and ‘mustn’t’s’, strong bars of perfectionism, unbreakable locks of defeatism, and guards of arrogance on constant duty to ‘be right’.

Depression, jealousy, obsessive perfectionism are all dictatorships. Arrogance can extend to ‘being right’ that one is totally inferior to other people. Or that life is bad.

Seeing the funny side keeps you young and healthy

There are mental and physical health benefits of regular laughter. Many studies highlight that belly laughter is a great fun work out, laughter reduces stress hormones, relieves pain, relaxes us and produces endorphins – the natural feel good hormones.

Laughing regularly can ward off depression and help you sleep better and generally enjoy life more. We even call people who make us laugh ‘a real tonic’.

Lightening up and seeing the funny side casts off restricted and limiting thinking, but best of all it makes life more fun.

Download Lighten Up and See the Funny Side now and enjoy the lightness humor brings to life. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.


Lighten Up and See the Funny Side

See the Funny Side in Situations

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