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Overcome self obsession and find your real place in the world

Hypnosis can help you put an end to self obsession by expanding your perspective on life

Have you been pulled up by someone for being ‘only interested in yourself’?

Are you worried you may have become too inwardly focused and lost your connection to other people?

It’s a jungle out there – or a shark-infested sea, if you prefer – and nobody is interested in your survival but you. So it’s kind of natural to pay more attention to what will help you survive, what will help you get on, what will bring you satisfaction, what will present you with a problem, what’s of interest to you, than to what’s happening with anybody else.

Self obsession is a natural behavior – at first

If you look at very small children, you can see that this is what we all do at the start of our lives. We live in our own little worlds, and we are the centre of those worlds. What’s happening ‘out there’ is only of consequence in as much as it has a specific impact on us. As we grow older, our closed little world typically begins to expand, and become more porous. We begin to realize – there is more to this than just ME.

Over time, we build connections with other people and become involved in their lives too. We participate in different kinds of groups and find satisfaction in making our contribution. We enjoy the company of others and recognize that we owe them the honor of the same level of attention as we would like for ourselves. It’s not perfect, but over time, if all goes well, it balances out reasonably satisfactorily.

Self obsession can become a prison

But this natural progression doesn’t happen for everybody, for a variety of reasons. It’s not always the fault of the person concerned. And if you were one of those who remains enclosed in their own little world, you wouldn’t necessarily realize it, because this would be ‘natural’ for you. In fact, you might never realize it, unless someone else broke through from outside and forcibly made you take notice.

Now if you become aware as an adult that you’ve been a bit shut off in your own space, perhaps unwittingly, this is both a shock and a challenge. Some people respond to the wake up call by shutting themselves away even more tightly, afraid of what will happen if they lose their sense of their own importance. But others look round and see a whole world of opportunity that they have been missing. And they want to join in.

But stepping out of the bubble of self-importance where you may have spent your whole life is scary!

Hypnosis can help you overcome self obsession and reconnect

Stop self obsession is an audio hypnosis session created by therapists specifically for people who really want to stop focusing only on themselves and reconnect with the rest of the world. Listening to the powerful hypnotic suggestions woven into transformative metaphors in this download will;

  • smooth your transition into a new, wider perspective on life
  • help you make profound changes in your internal world
  • enable you to genuinely engage at deeper levels with others
  • enhance the connections you already have with others
  • bring a greater sense of balance and joy into your life

Download Stop self obsession and open up to the world.


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Stop Self Obsession
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Stop Self Obsession
Overcome self obsession & find your place in the world. Hypnosis can put an end to self obsession by expanding your perspective on life.
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Stop Self Obsession

Overcome self obsession & find your place in the world. Hypnosis can put an end to self obsession by expanding your perspective on life.

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