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Discover the Wise Advisor Within

Hypnosis to access your unconscious wisdom

Do you sometimes yearn for a wise advisor you could turn to when you have difficult decisions to make?

Have you ever had a flash of insight, or an unexpected inspiration, that suddenly enlightened you about something, or helped solve a difficult problem?

If you answered that second question with ‘yes’, then you have already experienced how unconscious wisdom – something you didn’t know that you know – can come to your aid in life.

Those ‘Aha!’ moments when we suddenly understand something that previously puzzled us, or find an unexpected solution to a problem, are great. But where do they come from? Some people put it down to angelic intervention (but don’t explain why angels might have any interest in fixing your plumbing problem). Others say it’s just luck – chance. You will sometimes be inspired. It’s a lottery. You have no control.

But the truth is much more interesting than luck (or angels).

Where ‘wise advice’ really comes from

The truth is that you, as a human being, ‘know’ much more than you are consciously aware of. You have a vast warehouse of memories and learning experiences within you, stretching back across your whole life, and growing richer and more detailed with each day that you’re alive and open to learning more.

We tend to live our lives in a rather narrow band of ‘consciousness’ – the stuff we know we know. But that rich wealth of hidden knowledge and creative insight breaks through on us from time to time – in our dreams, in our intuitions, and in those inspirational moments that come our way.

And the good news is that you don’t have to wait around just hoping that inspiration will come one day. You can actively put yourself into the equivalent of a ‘dream state’ and open yourself up to the intuitive instinctive knowledge within. It’s like having a shrewd, dispassionate yet loving inner guru or mentor who knows you far better than any external counselor could ever hope to do.

Here’s how.

Hypnosis can help you access a wealth of unconscious resources

Wise Advisor is an audio hypnosis session that will take you into that deep hypnotic state where you let go of ‘trying’ and allow your unconscious mind to share its wisdom with you.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to your download, you’ll find that you:

  • become more and more adept at entering a relaxed yet focused trance state
  • can clearly identify and represent with an image or an idea what exactly you want help with
  • establish a unique relationship with the figure or symbol that stands for your deepest wise self
  • discover you can really trust your unconscious mind to guide you well
  • use what you learn more and more creatively in your life.

Download Wise Advisor and let your intuitive wisdom guide you.


Wise Advisor

Discover the Wise Advisor Within

Note: Download only available in English language.