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How to Charge What You Are Worth

What are you worth? And are you charging fully for that worth?

If you provide goods or services for which you yourself have to set the price, you will have faced a challenging question. How much is what you do worth?

It’s extraordinary how difficult this is to answer! Whatever it is you do, it feels as if you are really being asked ‘How much are you worth?’

And, for all those ads proclaiming that you’re worth it, it can feel both boastful and demeaning to put a sum on it.

The thing is, if you don’t charge the right rate, you won’t earn the right rate, and your business venture will run into the ground. So tackling the question of what to charge as a professional fee and getting it right is vital.

But why does it feel so difficult to charge what you’re worth?

Making a profit is essential if you want to survive in business

Most people can point to the ‘value added’ attributes of their goods or services. You know what training you’ve undertaken, what level of skill you have attained, what you have invested in high quality materials, and so on.

It’s not too difficult to work out a balance sheet equivalent for these factors. But to do well you have to make a profit. That means that your income must, over time, exceed your expenses.

It’s important to focus on your customer to charge properly

And this is where many people balk. It almost feels as if you must charge more than you’re worth! And if you’re the honest, modest, hard working type, this just feels wrong.

But this is all due to focusing on the wrong thing. What you are worth is not what you think you are worth, but what your customer thinks you are worth.

Value, price, worth – all the same thing?

Although for some people a low price is the most important thing, this attitude is actually quite rare. For most people, a low price is indicative of a low value. It’s a cliché that you get what you pay for, but there are subtleties on both sides.

People do sometimes charge ridiculous rates for what really has little value. But you are not about to do this, are you? You are looking to feel comfortable about charging the right rate.

Getting beyond price to what it’s really worth

Determining the right rate calls for an accurate assessment of your value added factors, an understanding of buyer psychology, a commitment to see that both sides get value from the transaction, and determining a profit margin that will satisfactorily achieve this goal. Getting to this stage may call for a serious change of mind about what you’re worth.

And when it comes to taking on a new mindset, there’s nothing like hypnosis to help you on your way.

How hypnosis can help you feel good charging what you’re worth

Charge What You’re Worth is an audio hypnosis session which will take you deep into your core values and self understanding and help you transform your perspective on trading your goods and services for a return commensurate with their value.

Powerful hypnotic suggestions in Charge What You’re Worth will activate unconscious levels of your mind and help you break out of a limited vision of what is right and possible for you. It will carry you through the stages of feeling awkward or uncomfortable with the unfamiliarity of knowing your worth to a new level of calm confidence and readiness to charge appropriately.

Download Charge what you’re worth now and make your business or trade successful for the long term. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.


Charge What You’re Worth

How to Charge What You Are Worth

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