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How to Develop a More Flexible Attitude

See beyond assumptions and preconceptions and think more deeply with the help of hypnosis

Do you have a flexible attitude?

Railway lines and tramlines are useful things. You always know where you are with them. When everything is going smoothly, they get you from A to B without a hitch.

But when there is something more than a twig on the track, you can get really stuck. If you run your life on predetermined tramlines, you may feel ‘in control’ and ‘safe’ – but inflexibility actually puts you at considerable risk.

The dangers of inflexibility

You may like to think of yourself as a person who ‘knows their own mind’. You don’t shilly-shally or ‘sit on the fence’. This can be an admirable trait – unless it prevents you from changing your mind when the circumstances warrant it.

If you can’t easily adapt to a new state of affairs because it would mean abandoning a previously held view – and possibly appearing ‘inconsistent’ – those circumstances may crush you.

Flexibility gives you the option to be inflexible when you choose

Of course, you may have reason to refuse to accept a particular viewpoint, and you are always at liberty to do so. If your decisions are based on the actual merits of the case, that’s fair enough, and you would be prepared to face any consequences.

The problem of inflexibility arises when decisions are based not on the merits of the case but purely on the need to maintain a certain self-image, or to hold on to pre-conceptions.

A flexible attitude prevents assumptions clouding your judgment

Preconceptions have been shown to have a measurable effect even on simple and uncontroversial decisions like identifying the object in a blurred picture.(1) How much more will they affect the decisions that really matter to us?

It is probably not realistic to think we can shed all preconceptions (and it would be pretty difficult to do so). But even learning how to escape from the grip of some assumptions can make you more flexible and adaptable – and therefore in a position to make more solidly grounded choices.

But how do you go about becoming more flexible?

How hypnosis can help you become more flexible

Flexible Attitude is an audio hypnosis session which will expand your mind. Using cutting edge hypnotic techniques and built squarely on solid psychological understanding of how human beings work, Flexible Attitude will introduce you to powerful ways to become more creative and adaptive in any set of circumstances.

As you let yourself be carried away by the deep relaxation and subtle hypnotic suggestions, you will find yourself almost effortlessly taking on board new perspectives and thinking both more broadly and more deeply about the issues which concern you.

You will discover how to work out more flexible ways of choosing the most appropriate view for you in different situations.

Download Flexible Attitude now and watch your horizons grow. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

(1) Interference in Visual Recognition. Jerome S. Bruner and Mary C. Potter, Science Vol. 144. no. 3617, pp. 424 – 425


Flexible Attitude

How to Develop a More Flexible Attitude

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