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Get Hypnotic Help to Turn a Breech Baby

Hypnosis can help you relax and do everything you can to encourage your baby to move into the optimal birthing position

Are you nearing your due date but your baby has not yet turned head-down?

Is this causing you worry and stress?

During the course of a pregnancy, the baby turns several times and therefore instinctively knows how to do so.

Most of the time, babies turn to the optimal birthing position by 37 weeks, and sometimes this even happens spontaneously not too long before delivery.

However, if the baby isn’t in the optimal birthing position by 37 weeks – or ‘breech’ as it’s sometimes called, it can need a little help.

Help from medical advances

While a breech baby is not in the ideal position for birth, it’s worth remembering that thanks to advanced medical knowledge, many are safely delivered throughout the world every day.

There are also many exercises, stretches, and techniques that a medical professional may recommend after 30 weeks to help encourage a baby to turn, including:

  • Lying in certain positions
  • Rhythmically rocking your pelvis
  • Bright light
  • Sound therapy.

An obstetrician can also try to manually turn the baby using gentle but firm pressure, in a medical procedure called external cephalic version.

So, if there are so many medical techniques, how can hypnosis help?

Relax and relieve tension with hypnosis

A 1994 study found that regular hypnotherapy sessions to reduce tension and promote deep relaxation in the womb can increase the likelihood of the baby turning before birth, compared to women who don’t have hypnosis (1).

And hypnosis has long been used to induce physical changes within the body, such as reducing pain and speeding up healing.

Help to Turn a Breech Baby is an audio hypnosis session that will help you relax the muscles around your womb so your baby has more space to turn.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to your session, you’ll notice that you:

  • Feel calmer
  • Feel more relaxed in general
  • Trust your body more
  • No longer feel as anxious and tense
  • Look forward more to childbirth.

Download Help to Turn a Breech Baby now and encourage your baby to move into the optimal position for birth. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

(1) Mehl, L.E. (1994). Hypnosis and conversion of the breech to the vertex presentation. Archives of Family Medicine, 3(10):881-7.


Turn a Breech Baby

Get Hypnotic Help to Turn a Breech Baby

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