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How to Escape Emotional Abuse and Rebuild Your Life

Use hypnosis to help you escape from emotional abuse by building up your resources to resist – and recover

Are you or have you been on the receiving end of constant cruel put downs and belittlement?

Have you been made to feel that you are always in the wrong, so that you begin to really doubt your own judgment?

It’s sadly common for some people, and even some groups of people, to exert power and control over others by using very unpleasant tactics such as:

  • criticizing every little thing you do, no matter how innocent
  • bad mouthing you to others
  • constantly mocking and belittling you
  • telling you you’re stupid and don’t know what’s what
  • threatening you with violence or abandonment
  • telling you you’re so hopeless you’d never manage on your own

This is emotional abuse. And it’s wrong. Very wrong.

The emotional impact of emotional abuse

If you’ve been subjected to such treatment, whether from one person or a group, you will have experienced some serious psychological damage. Your self-confidence may have gone through the floor.

You may even have begun to wonder if the awful things being said about you, and to you, are true. You may have become too frightened and full of doubt to do anything. And you may feel deeply, painfully, indescribably wounded.

Your reading this page now indicates two things. One – that you have already realized that your experiences are abusive and wrong. Two – that you are looking for the way out and/or the way to recover.

What to do when you realize you have been subjected to emotional abuse

It might be that the abuse is still ongoing and you still have to find a way to deal with the person or people responsible. It might be that it happened in the past, and you have already managed to leave the situation in which it occurred and are trying to deal with personal fallout.

There may be many difficult practical steps you need to take, and you may need to seek help from friends, family, or professional counselors and advisers.

But to address those issues effectively, or make the most of changes you’ve already made, you need more than anything to free yourself from the emotional grip of the abusive relationship.

This means building up your core identity and gathering the inner resources to either cut free or change the ground rules, and beginning the work of healing the wounds so that the rest of your life will not be forever blighted by what happened.

How hypnosis can help you escape and recover from emotional abuse

When you are in the pit of despair and self-doubt, that may sound like an awfully tall order. When you’ve been treated like you’re nobody and you feel like you are nobody, how on earth are you going to ‘recover your core identity’? This is where hypnosis can help you.

Escape Emotional Abuse is an audio hypnosis session developed by psychologists with wide experience of helping the emotionally abused that focuses specifically on what is happening inside you as you attempt to respond to what has happened to you from the outside.

This session will help you in several ways. It will allow you to experience profound effortless relaxation (something you may not have experienced for a very long time). This in itself brings powerful healing to body and mind.

And it will take you through a transforming process that will restore you to yourself and equip you with the emotional tools to do whatever you need to do as well as protect yourself in future.

As you use the Escape Emotional Abuse session repeatedly, you will find that you

  • feel stronger and freer and calmer inside every day
  • have a much clearer sense of who you are
  • appreciate and value yourself more and more
  • are able to begin taking whatever steps are necessary
  • actually begin to look forward to the rest of your life

Download Escape Emotional Abuse now and get your life back. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.


Escape Emotional Abuse

How to Escape Emotional Abuse and Rebuild Your Life

Note: Download only available in English language.