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Living with an alcoholic husband

Use hypnosis to develop powerful inner resources to help you

Are you struggling with the challenge of living with an alcoholic husband?

Do you feel overwhelmed, confused, frustrated and hopeless about the situation?

Living with an alcoholic is an enormous challenge – and probably not one you were expecting to face the day you said “I do”. Maybe drink was not a problem for him at that time, and you had no reason to expect that it would become one. Maybe it was already a problem, but perhaps not so serious, or you thought you would be able to influence him to change before things became too difficult.

The awful reality of living with a man who has a drink problem

Whatever the history behind the problem, you are faced with the daily reality of living with it, and with the knowledge of all the harm it’s doing to him, and to you, and to your relationship, and maybe to your family. You’ve probably already tried to help in all kinds of ways, doing anything you could think of that might get him to stop. But he hasn’t stopped, and the problem has not gone away.

And you’ve probably already reached the (ultimately inescapable) conclusion that you cannot make him stop. Only he can do that.

So what next? How can you best support him and look after yourself in the face of this unpalatable reality?

Hypnosis can help you develop the resources you need

Living with an alcoholic husband is an audio hypnosis session developed by psychologists specifically to help the spouses or partners of men who have a significant alcohol problem. Listening to this download will provide you with emotional relief and support, as well as resources for coping.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to your download, you’ll notice that you

  • start to feel much more relaxed and tension free generally (not just when you listen)
  • develop a calmer, more detached perspective on your situation
  • create a unique set of powerful inner resources for yourself, and know how to activate them when you need them
  • support your husband in practical ways that take full account of his ultimate responsibility for himself
  • look after yourself and your needs more effectively, so that you can enjoy life more, whatever is happening.

Download Living with an alcoholic husband and give yourself the support you need.


Living with an Alcoholic Husband

Living with an alcoholic husband

Note: Download only available in English language.